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4 Earth Day Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Family

2. Potted and Dotted

Sowing seeds or planting something into pots may be fun, but why not make the pots more fun as well? Any regular ones you have can be decorated with acrylic paint, and while the easiest way is leaving multi-colored fingerprints all over, such simple cheerful polka dot design is great for small kids. Anyone willing to experiment with color will find this technique interesting: stripes, dots or irregular-shaped blots of different colors are placed next to each other. A toothpick is used to mix them with horizontal, vertical, zigzag strokes or in any other manner you like that will result in streaks of one color into another.

A variety of unique patterns can be created this way, and if you have a rectangular-shaped pot, each side can even have a different one.