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7 Tricks Most Restaurants Use to Make Us Spend More

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Money

When going to a restaurant, we usually plan to spend a little amount of cash, but often end up paying more than we should. Why? Because many restaurants use some nifty tricks that make us eat more and spend more. While it’s always better to have a dinner at home, there are several situations where you can’t avoid eating out at a restaurant. In such a situation, look out for these seven tricks most restaurants use to make us spend more.

1. Serve you up the salty complimentary snacks

Many restaurants serve up complimentary snacks when people are waiting for their dinners to be ready. It’s great, right? However, the problem is those snacks are so salty that you will quickly order some drink to quench your thirst. No wonder, your bill is so high. Avoid eating complimentary snacks and order a glass of water instead. Not only will you save some cash, you will also trick yourself into eating less.