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4 Earth Day Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Family

The beauty of nature and ways to protect our environment – Earth Day activities focus on these, but if you have to stay at home for some reason and can’t join a community project or work in the garden, there are other fun things to do with your kids. Even very small ones enjoy dipping their fingers in paint and looking at colorful prints they leave. Older kids get excited over a variety of techniques involving paints, glue, special skills of the little fingers, and creative uses of materials. Here are a few Earth Day art and craft ideas to try:

1. Green Friends

Eyes can make cacti extremely cute. Perhaps you have seen some used as decorations or on sale, but you can make your own – and your little friends can even wear a hat, a scarf or a bow. Easy and fun! However, be careful, many cacti have sharp spines that can be dangerous to small kids.