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10 Best Looks from Nina Dobrev

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Entertainment

Nina Dobrev might be best known for her roles in the hit television shows “The Vampire Diaries” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t making a name for herself in the fashion world as well. Both on the red carpet and on the streets, Dobrev is showing the world that she can dress well! Below are ten of the most fantastic street style looks from Nina Dobrev this past year.

1. Clingy Black Dress and Gold Heels

Photo: tomandlorenzo.com

Nina Dobrev knows how to look glamorous when circumstances warrant it. She was recently spotted in a stunning getup of a clingy black dress with a gold embroidered front. The television star paired the ensemble with a pair of fashionable gold heels.

2. Blue Satin Dress and Black Heels

Photo: zimbio.com

Few people can pull off dresses, a staple of women’s fashion, quite as well as Nina Dobrev. Her blue satin dress is one of her absolute favorites. Paired with a cropped leather jacket and a pair of chunky black heels, the dress looks absolutely stunning on the athletic young actress.

3. Flowing Black Cardigan, Black Tee Shirt, Jean Shorts, Floppy Black Felt Hat

Photo: katyladynews.blogspot.com

Nina Dobrev absolutely kills it when it comes to dressing up but she can also pull of a casual, around-town look just as well. Matching a flowing black cardigan with a black top and jean shorts is signature Nina. Sometimes she will throw on a floppy black felt hat to add a little hippy chic to her look.

4. Black Leather Jacket, Black Silk Camisole, Flowing Lilac Maxi-Dress

Photo: highfashionmagazine.com

Almost everyone looks good in casual wear but few people look as good as Nina Dobrev when it comes to dressing up fancy. She was recently spotted in a stunning black silk camisole and a flowing lilac maxi-dress. The glamorous outfit was given a spunky edge with the addition of a black leather jacket.

5. Geometric Print Mini Dress and Black heels

Photo: www.yournextshoes.com

A mini dress is always a hard clothing item to pull off, especially when it is designed with an all-over, colorful geometric print. Nina Dobrev doesn’t care how hard such a look is to pull off. She does it with ease. She recently paired such a geometric print mini dress with black heels and looked absolutely gorgeous.

6. Classic Midnight Blue Dress and High Heel Black Sandals

Photo: www.stylebistro.com

Few people look as sophisticated in a dress and high heels as Nina Dobrev. The star was seen wearing a classically cut midnight blue dress with a pair of high heel sandals. The look was casually classy with a touch of cute.

7. Plaid Button Down, Tight Black Tank Top, Daisy Dukes, Brown Boots

Photo: www.zimbio.com

Though she is most well known for her casually elegant getups, Nina Dobrev can pull of the casual disheveled look like a champ. The star was recently spotted rocking a very short pair of Daisy Dukes that revealed her long, toned legs. She also wore a tight black tank top and an open plaid long sleeve shirt to complete her hillbilly chic look.

8. Olive Military Jacket, Black Skinny Jeans, Wedge Booties

Photo: celebrityfashionista.com

It isn’t often that you see Nina Dobrev completely dressed down. But earlier in the year, she was seen wearing the kind of outfit you might expect your best friend to wear at a summer music festival: an olive military jacket, black skinny jeans, and wedge booties. She completed her chic look with a black hat.

9. Black Patterned Blouse, White Lace Skirt, Black Heels

Photo: ndobrev.pl

Nina Dobrev knows that great style sometimes means dressing simply. A black long sleeve blouse patterned with white flowers and a white lace skirt cut to knee length fits the bill perfectly. A pair of black heels rounds out the look perfectly.

10. Striped Black Playsuit

Photo: www.celebrity-gossip.net

Summer means it is time to relax and hit the beach, but “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev knows this is no excuse to slack in the style department. She was recently spotted visiting the beach in a black playsuit patterned with white and brown hues. A hint of a white bikini poked out from underneath. It was very surfer chic.

Nina Dobrev is making a name for herself across the board: as a talented actress, as an emerging fashion icon, and for her fun and energetic personality. These are just some of her best fashion looks. What fashion looks from Nina Dobrev do you want to rock?