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10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies

Catalina 6 months ago - in DIY

New parents can’t help but be excited to celebrate Halloween with their baby or toddler. Taking their infant trick-or-treating or bringing them along to seasonal parties requires a costume that is ideal for a baby. The following ideas are just a few creative costumes that you might want to consider for the newest member of your family. These Halloween costume ideas are ideal for older kids too.

1. Baby Gnome

A gnome is an easy costume to achieve for your baby, but it’s also a big attention getter. Using red felt, you can make a cone hat for your baby. Then attach a fake white beard beneath your baby’s chin. Dress baby all in blue and you have the perfect little gnome for Halloween. If you have a baby girl, dress her all in red, instead.

2. White Rabbit

The White Rabbit of Alice and Wonderland is a fun costume to recreate for your baby. You’ll need to make some rabbit ears, of course, and may want to make a hat to go with them. Dress your baby in a white shirt with a blue or black blazer and a red bow tie. You can also opt for a white or light pink dress. Create a large clock face for your baby to hold as you go trick-or-treating.

3. Bag of Popcorn

Outfitting your baby as a bag of popcorn is a creative and easy costume that your baby won’t mind wearing. You can create an adorable “popcorn bag” using red and white felt. Have your baby wear a white cap and glue a mound of popcorn atop it. This adorable outfit is as cute as it is comfortable.

4. Gingerbread Baby

To create a darling gingerbread baby, simply dress your baby in a brown sweat suit you won’t mind decorating with fabric paint and other items from the craft store like mini pompoms and buttons. Using white fabric paint, decorate your baby’s sweat suit with “frosted” accents. Be sure to add a decorated brown cap too!

5. Chili Pepper

Dressing your baby as a chili pepper is perfect for a chilly Halloween evening. All you’ll need is a long red gown knotted at its end below your baby’s feet. Then, you’ll need to make a dark green collar and sprouted hat from green felt. You’ll enjoy all the comments you receive about your baby’s clever costume, and you’ll have a great time trick-or-treating knowing your baby is warm within the costume.

6. Yoda

Photo: chada

A baby is the perfect size to be Yoda for Halloween. To achieve this pint-size Jedi costume, you’ll need a beige poncho-style robe you can make from a large scrap of fabric, a black sash, and a green hat with Yoda-style ears attached. You can easily find Yoda hats to purchase online if you don’t want to make this part of the costume.

7. Cotton Candy

Dressing your baby as a cone of cotton candy couldn’t be sweeter. Dress baby in white pants and shoes to create the cone effect. Then head to the fabric store to buy loads of fluffy white batting to create a top and hat for baby. You’ll need to color the batting pink for the final touch!

8. 1950s Baby

If you have a little girl, you can dress her for a 1950’s sockhop. You can make a felt poodle skirt and iron on a poodle accent. Saddle shoes and a hair scarf will complete this fun and easy baby costume. If you can’t make this costume, you can simply opt for a vintage dress instead.

9. Biker Baby

A pint-sized Harley Davidson t-shirt, a bandana for the baby’s head, some denim pants, and black leather vest are all you need for a biker baby costume. Throw in some fake tattoo sleeves and you’ll have a winning costume for your baby.

10. Cabbage Patch Kid

A Cabbage Patch Kid makes for an adorable baby costume. All you need is a wig made from yarn and everyone will know that your baby is a sweet Cabbage Patch Kid – that trendiest of toys from the 1980s.

These costumes are simple to make and they are incredibly versatile. These are also perfectly impressive as baby costumes. You can change them and make your own Halloween costumes. You can find most of the supplies at your local craft store. Do you have any other Halloween costume ideas for babies and toddlers?