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8 Frugal Ways to Look Wealthier

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle, Money

Money may not be your major goal, but it’s not bad to look a little bit wealthier that you are. I can’t say you look cheap or terrible because I can’t see you. Even if I could see you, I would never tell you look bad because I believe everyone has a right to wear what they want and do what they like. Believe it or not, many wealthy people don’t strive to look wealthy, and sometimes it’s hard to say they have lots of money. My rich and frugal friend shared her own tips on how to look wealthier when you don’t have money. I don’t recommend using these tips on a daily basis but once in a while you may find them useful.

1. Take care of your look

Rich people are almost always well groomed. They take care of their hair, nails, teeth, overall health, clothing and shoes. Make sure your shoes and clothes are always clean. Get enough sleep to look great; no makeup products will make you beautiful when you are sleepy and tired. Messy hair may look stylish but rich women prefer to wear elegant hairstyles. Take care of your look and no one will say you are a frugal woman.

2. Thrift shopping

My rich friend often buy second hand clothes and she doesn’t feel ashamed of it. She says that trends change so fast that there’s no sense in stressing about it. You can look wealthier by wearing quality second-hand garments. Personally, I don’t like to buy second hand clothes and I don’t strive to look wealthier, but if you do, why not?

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3. Tailor your clothes

If you can’t find clothes that fit you well, consider tailoring your own pieces. It’s not expensive and you will have unique pieces of clothing others don’t have. Remember, even the most expensive dress won’t make you look wealthier if it doesn’t fit you. One of my friends tailors clothes for herself and she claims it’s an interesting and useful hobby to pursue.

4. Choose classic styles

If you can’t afford to tailor your clothes or purchase expensive trendy clothes, opt for classic garments. They are versatile and never go out of style. You know, trends come and go and it’s pointless to invest in clothes you won’t be able to wear in a month. Build a classic wardrobe and you won’t have to worry about trends.

5. Wear subtle jewelry

It’s tempting to wear tons of bling, but you won’t look wealthier. Rich women don’t wear lots of jewelry pieces. They opt for one or two small pieces that are subtle and luxury at the same time. Instead of wearing six rings, eye-catching earrings, statement necklaces, huge watch and bracelets, opt for one ring and pearl earrings instead. You will look elegant and wealthy in no time.

6. Be confident

No matter the situation and what you wear, you should be brave and confident. Rich people radiate confidence. It’s not because they have money, it’s because they love themselves and don’t let anyone bring them down. If you have a low self-esteem, nothing will help you look and feel wealthy. Confidence gives you the power to impress everyone, be successful and conquer the world. If needed, try to boost your confidence as quickly as possible.

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7. Rent a luxury car

You don’t need to rent a luxury car each day, of course, but when you need to attend a special event or you have a serious business meeting, renting an expensive model of car may be a good option. No one will know that this fantastic car is not yours, instead they will be impressed. Just be ready to pay for a luxury car; the price may surprise you.

8. Feel like a wealthy woman

One of the best ways to feel like a wealthy woman is to visit world-class theaters, operas, galleries and museums. Try to get standby tickets to visit one of those places. Standby tickets are cheaper, but who will know about it? Follow the tips mentioned above, get a standby ticket and spend the evening feeling and looking like a rich woman.

Whether you want to impress someone or change something in your life, you don’t need money. You can look and feel wealthy with little to no effort. Rich people are not special, just some of them behave this way. I have a few wealthy friends and they are as great as my poor friends. It all depends on the person. Have you ever tried to look wealthier? Do you think money can make people better?