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11 Fun Jobs You’ll Definitely Love

Catalina 6 months ago - in Career

Who said that job is a boring routine? Would you like to have a job that will bring you lots of pleasure? Fun jobs doesn’t require hard work, experience and even degree. People are tired of studying and working hard and get miserable paychecks. As a rule, we work to get money and we rarely love what we do. Believe it or not, fun jobs do exist. You can make a lot of money with little to no effort, and have tons of fun at the same time. Check out some of the funniest jobs you will love.

1. Beer tester

If you think that being a drunkard is enough for this job, you`re wrong. Furthermore, it`s even superfluous. You just test different beers and give your opinion about their tastes and other features. Beer tester doesn’t get drunk because this person should give an adequate characteristic of the product. Either way, this is a job most of us would like to have.

2. Dog surfing coach

If you like water activities and have a passion for dogs, this job is for you. Being a dog surfing coach is a great chance to be close to animals and develop a bond with them. Every working day you should teach those cute creatures to catch the wave that`s so exciting indeed, not to mention that you earn money.

3. Video game tester

Video game tester is the one who plays different video games and then gives a report about their gameplay, graphic and many other important characteristics. What can be more exciting than getting money for doing something you really love? This is a perfect job for gamers but while most of them just enjoy playing, this work requires lots of knowledge. Therefore, if you want to be a video game tester, you need to become a professional gamer who’s able to make a wise characteristic of a product and figure out how to improve it.

4. Bed tester

If you don’t enjoy sitting the whole day in front of your computer, then you can quit your current job and start working as a bed tester. Get paid to sleep at work! Yes, it sounds strange but it`s true. Luxury bed tester is a profession that gives you so wonderful responsibilities. You just sleep in a bed and then say whether you love it or not. Isn`t it cool?

5. Gadget reviewer

Would you like to test new gadgets for living? If you love all those headphones, watches, smartphones and other modern technologies, working as a gadget reviewer will definitely make you happy. Lots of companies hire people to test their new products and write about them. These tasks are so easy that I`d work as hard as never before.

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6. Food stylist

Food stylist doesn`t cook. This person just has a perfect eye and a great sense of beauty. If you want your food to look beautiful, not just tasty, you could be a food stylist. Many luxury restaurants need food stylists and they are responsible for every dish to be perfectly served before a client sees it.

7. Personal shopper

Can’t imagine a day without shopping? Get a job as a personal shopper. You help someone buy what they need and it`s not surprising that most of your clients are women. Looking for the best and the cheapest goods to make someone contented with their purchase isn`t so difficult, especially if it gives you a nice profit.

8. Luxury car test driver

If you can drive a car and are able to give a comparable characteristic of different cars, consider working as a luxury car test driver. The world`s best companies always invent and produce new cars and they need people to test them so if you have such a position at work, you have an access to the most wanted cars and you can enjoy driving them as if you’re their owner.

9. Professional snuggler

Some people can`t fall asleep without hugging someone and actually having a person close to them. You can save their healthy sleep by being a professional snuggler. In this case you`re paid for a night sleeping with a stranger that`s actually weird a bit but this job really exists. Probably it`ll be a good way to earn money for single people. After all, your partner doesn’t want to sleep alone.

10. Toy idea professional

If you`re creative and have a bit childish character, you can get money thanks to these traits. Children are born every minute and all of them need more and more toys. You can be the one who provides kids with a happy childhood by inventing new interesting toys. It`s a funny yet extremely cool job you`d probably like to have.

11. Scent scientist

Do you have a nice scent? There`s an opportunity to use this skill and even get some money, or even tons of it. Scent scientists explore different aromas and play an irreplaceable role in the world of perfumery. Their well developed nostrils feed them and help everyone smell good.

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As you can see, nowadays there are so many truly amazing and quite unusual ways to earn money that most people don`t even know about. People differ and everyone is a professional in some sphere. You just need to sit and think what you`re really good at and maybe you`ll find a job you love. What job from this list would you like to get?