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Make These Easter Decorations with Your Kids

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY

Making Easter eggs and decorations for your home is a fun thing to do on your own or with some company to help you. Kids will love this kind of family activity – whether you are making something typically festive, or something creatively different. As long as they are taking part in making lovely things for some special day, or some special person, they will enjoy it. If “creatively different” happens to be exactly what you’ve been looking for, I suggest making these Easter “eggs” using knitting yarn and scraps of cloth cut from any garments that are no longer wearable. They can also be made from yarn solely, if you have that much yarn to spare.

If knitting is your hobby, you certainly have some odds and ends that can be quickly fashioned into such egg-resembling decorative objects. A ball of wool is probably something you are familiar with, anyway, only it has to be oval-shaped. It’s not difficult, and in case you have never tried doing anything like this, it’s fun to learn. Assuming that you are not a knitting pro who can make an oval-shaped ball of yarn in just a minute, you can try this:

Take a strip of cloth cut from old clothes or towels and roll it up like this, so that you have a roll of about the size of an actual egg. However, you can try to make smaller or bigger ones. In case you need smaller decorations, such “eggs” should be made with yarn only, but if you wish to make a big egg, or perhaps some animal for Easter, this technique will work well.

Alternatively, you can roll up a sock, or a pair of baby socks that you don’t need any more for whatever reason.

As my friend puts it, any washing machine seems to have an extra charge for its work, occasionally swallowing one or two of your socks. This is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries modern technologies can’t quite explain. Still, wherever these buddies may be disappearing, it is probably equally puzzling what to do with the odd socks that had lost their mates. An Easter decoration is just one of the ideas how these can be used.

With yarn, you can start like this:

Then, turn it to the side and continue wrapping the yarn around

In any way you find convenient, as long as you are working towards an oval shape

I prefer to do it this way:

My kids do it like this:

Different colors and textures of yarn can be combined, but you can also use just one color and then paint your creations or add all sorts of decorative details later. Any kind of paint your kids use at home will work, and so will these small things that can be found in any house – ribbons, buttons, beads, stickers, your daughter’s hair bands, loom bands, etc. This is certainly the most fun part of it, and your kids may give you lots of ideas as well. The whole process usually doesn’t require getting some special supplies, but if you wish to make these fluffy things look like birds or animals, then you may need to purchase some additional details such as the “moving eyes”.

Finally, you can place your lovely decorations into vases, baskets, boxes – even flower pots, or wherever else you think they will look best. My kids love these to go on all potted plants that resemble “trees”, and this is something similar to the joy of Christmas – by the way, we decorate potted plants on Christmas, too! Do you have any special ideas of decorating your home for Easter or other holidays? Please share them in the comments.

Photos: Ann Joy