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7 Times When You Should Consider Quitting Your Job

Catalina 6 months ago - in Career

Quitting a job is never a good idea, but there are a few times when you might want to consider leaving your job. You might love your job, or your coworkers, or even your boss, as I did, but if you are unhappy at work, there’s something that you should start changing right now. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t like and work for a boss who doesn’t respect you. Many people are afraid to quit their jobs and they usually end up going home each day feeling unhappy. Check out 7 times when you should consider quitting your job.

1. When your boss doesn’t respect you

If you respect and appreciate yourself and people around you, you will never want to work for a boss who doesn’t respect and appreciate you. You might think that it’s a trifle, that you do your job well and you get your paycheck for it. However, respect is a must in any situation and it is one of the most important things human beings can give each other. If you always get criticized publicly, especially when you don’t deserve it, this job isn’t for you. Every employer criticizes their employees every now and then, but they should do it in private.

2. When your boss doesn’t appreciate your work

No matter how many big tasks and projects you do, your boss seems to take your good job for granted. They never tell you ‘Good job’ or ‘Thank you,’ or worse, they don’t even notice what you do. You might work extra hours and do extra tasks, but they still don’t notice it. Sure, you shouldn’t expect your boss to praise you each day or each week, but you need that praise at least once in a month. A good employer always notices a good job, even when it’s done by a poor performer.

3. When your job is killing you

If you feel like your job is killing you, consider quitting it, if you can’t change anything about it. Your health must always be your priority. You can earn tons of money each month, but that money won’t make you a happy and healthy person. It’s extremely hard to leave a well-paid job, but if your doctor says that you should stop working those extra hours and your boss doesn’t understand you, it’s time to change your career goals.

4. When you develop your boss’s career, not yours

When you work hard, get a small paycheck and you realize that you won’t get any promotion, do you really need this job? While I agree a small paycheck isn’t a reason to leave your job, I hate it when people spend their time developing their employers’ careers. A good boss knows that they are successful and rich due to their team, and they certainly realize and appreciate it. If it’s not your case, I hope you know what you can do.

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5. When you start hating your job

Sometimes it happens, you love your job and you enjoy accomplishing those difficult tasks and projects, but you notice that you start hating your job. It’s not because you stop loving what you do, it’s because of the things mentioned above. If you are a sensitive person and you take everything personally, it’s really hard to work for an unfair boss. You are smart and talented, so why not look for the same job but with a better employer? Believe in yourself, stay confident and don’t be afraid to change your life.

6. When you spend your free time working

When you are trying to reach some crucial career goals, it’s okay to work a few extra hours every other day. If you spend your free time working because your boss is too demanding and you see that it won’t help you achieve your goals, it’s time to consider quitting your job. One of the worst things in life is unfairness. No matter how much you love your job, you shouldn’t forget that there’s a beautiful life outside your office. Be sure to enjoy it!

7. When your family asks you

You may not notice that your job is ruining your life, but your parents, husband and even your little ones notice that and they can’t keep silent. You might spend your evenings at work and you don’t have time to play with your kids because you are always busy, even on your weekends. Just like your health, your family should be your priority too. So if your family asks you to change your job, consider their words.

Quitting a job isn’t an easy task and there are many important things to consider before starting looking for a better job. Don’t be afraid to talk to your employer if you don’t like something about your work. Who knows, maybe they will understand you and you will make some little changes together. When should people consider quitting a job? Share your thoughts with us, please.