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5 Proven Tips to Become More Photogenic

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Nowadays photographing has become an essential part of a modern person’s life. Every day and every minute millions of people take photos to capture the moment or exchange the info. Whenever one looks, photos and videos are everywhere. People add them to social networks, make photo collages and albums in order to express themselves and turn the best memories of their life into colorful or black and white pictures. Unfortunately, very few of us can take pleasure in taking photos.

People can be divided into two groups: those who find themselves naturally photogenic and those who prefer not to be photographed. I belonged to the second group and suffered from lack of photogenicy. Like many other wonderful women, I wanted to look gorgeous in my pictures. As a strong willed person, I wanted to make my cherished dream come true at any rate. A big amount of articles that I read online and communication with wise and positive people made me understand that the main problems that killed my desire to be photographed were lack of confidence, inner contradictions and the army of destructive stereotypes. I hope my life experiences and real working pieces of advice will change your attitude towards photographing and help you make a wondrous album of unbelievably cool photos.

1. Wave goodbye to perfectionism

Many professional photographers state with assurance that every person is photogenic by nature. If people, for one or another reason, think that they look bad in photos, it means that they’re extremely exigent to themselves and have no sense of humor. I do agree with this point of view, because I was a perfectionist with a high standard of excellence for myself as well. I could easily reject and find fault with, at first glance, successful and lovely photos, because it seemed to me that almost everything didn’t correspond to my ideals and desires. Luckily, I realized that perfectionism was my own worst enemy that didn’t give me an opportunity to enjoy life and fill it with colorful photos.

Now I want you not to become that slave of your ego. Value your charisma and respect yourself the way you’re. Fall in love with your frank and genuine smile once and for all and stop suffering from pointless desire to unlock the door to personal excellence.

2. Discover your best angles

It’s crucially important to have already prepared ideas on how to pose for successful photos, because sometimes creating a photogenic face is a challenging thing. Confident personalities prefer to improvise. This skill is not a magic, but the habit of mature and experienced people who already know how to look from different angles and have at least two or three favorite poses. My music teacher once told me that the best improvisation was an already prepared one.

If you really want to move the situation off the dead center, you should start practicing in front of the mirror. Don’t fear to look like a crazy and curious monkey, making faces, changing the expression of face and playing with emotions. These exercises will help you find the right lightning level and understand what side of your face looks much better.

3. Relax and gain control of your emotions

The next inner enemy that steals your confidence and photogenicy is anxiety. This is the result of unexpressed and deep seated emotions. When I looked through my old photos, I noticed the ocean of fear, constraint and anxiety in my eyes. I understood that my eyes were the reflection of my state of mind.

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t a public person and I didn’t like to be in the spotlight. I decided to find the solution to this problem, because I didn’t want to seem overly upset and dispirited in every photo. Two months of soul-searching and reading developmental psychological literature helped me change my mindset and taught me to relax and behave freely in front of the camera. The key to a desirable result is to keep your emotions under control. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never look wonderful and confident in photos, if your inner storms are still raging.

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4. Keep your skin healthy and clean

Every successful woman knows that a healthy and smooth skin is a powerful confidence booster. Those women who have a perfect skin usually don’t fear to pose for pictures, because they have no doubt about their pure beauty. If you have any skin issues, you shouldn’t waste time just discovering your best angles, because it won’t handle the situation. You’d better devote all your energies to the solution for embarrassing your skin problem. Both wrinkles and acne are not a verdict today. Daily skin care and new approaches to acne treatment will help you achieve the goal in a quite short period of time.

5. Find an experienced photographer

If none of these tips works, then it’s smart to start looking for a professional photographer. Good photographer is like a magician, who can prove that you’re one of the most photogenic personalities in the world. Many of them tend to practice different psychological techniques to help diffident people tame their emotions, and believe in their beauty and originality. Furthermore, they can easily edit your photos and hide almost all shortcomings of your appearance. Listen to the photographers’ valuable pieces of advice carefully and you’ll learn a lot of lessons from these professional photo shoots.

Unfortunately, I’m not a professional photographer, but I also want you to believe that you’re unique and photogenic. I believe that all human beings can learn everything, surmount all barriers and become the ones they want. The main point is to struggle with your inner demons regardless of anything and don’t fear to improve yourself. Do you find yourself photogenic? Share your point of view with us.