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5 Tips for Writing a Hairdressing CV

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Many hairdressers and salon owners are extremely pressed for time when recruiting new staff. If you are hoping to land your dream job as a hairdresser, your CV must stand out. Here are five tips for writing a killer CV that will help you land your next position.

1. Order your CV correctly

Ordering your CV correctly will help potential employers find relevant information about you quickly and easily. Most word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word have free templates that you can use. The order should be:

  • Name and Contact Details: This should include your address, phone number(s), email address and your photograph. Many hairdressers photograph their work to create an online portfolio. If you have example photos of your work stored online, include the web address here.
  • Personal Statement: This paragraph explains who you are. You should outline your vision and your goals. It is an employer’s first impression of you.
  • Education: This is a list of your education and training. It should be presented in reverse chronological order with your most recent training at the top of your list. It can detail where you trained, where you went to school and what grades or marks you received for your tests and exams.
  • Employment: Write your work history with start and end dates. Put your most recent position at the top of the list.
  • Additional Skills: Mention any other relevant training you have to give employers an idea about who you are. This could include first aid certificates you have completed.
  • References: Write the names and contact details of two people who know you in a professional capacity. One of these people should be your current or most recent employer. A head teacher or college lecturer would suffice if you are leaving school or concluding your training.

Prospective employers may wish to contact them for a reference.

2. Rewrite your personal statement according to the advert

Carefully read the advertisement for the hairdressing role. What is the employer looking for? Employers expect the ideal candidate to match the skill set they are looking for. If pressed for time, this opening paragraph may be all the employer reads. Write as succinctly as possible how your experience and expertise makes you a perfect match for the job. Consider rewriting your personal statement to match the job description. You must outline your specific hairdressing experience. This should include:

  • Statements That Positively Describe You: For instance, ‘I am hardworking, honest and committed to hairdressing’.
  • Highlight Your Experience: For example, ‘I have five years experience as a hairdresser’.
  • Outline Your Goals: Tell the employer what you want from your next job such as ‘I am seeking an opportunity with more responsibility’.

3. Emphasize your strengths

Always ensure that your most recent and relevant information is easy for the employer to find. Do not be afraid to change the order of your CV to do this. For example, if you have a great deal of work experience put this first on your CV and put your education underneath. If you are leaving college and hoping to land your first real job, put your education first. Always emphasize your strengths.

4. Double-check your facts

Nothing looks worse on a CV than incorrect dates or information. Making a genuine error is rather easy to do. Sadly, employers can assume the worse of hairdressing candidates who overstate their experience or get dates incorrect. Therefore, double-check your facts. Use your education certificates and hairdressing qualification to check that the dates and results in your CV are accurate.

5. Ask someone to proofread your CV

Spelling and grammar mistakes can be difficult to spot in work you have written. A CV with spelling mistakes will look unprofessional. Where possible, ask another person to proofread your CV. This will help iron out any mistakes and ensure that the document is easy to understand.

These five tips should help any hairdresser improve their CV. While it is important to set yourself apart from the crowd, always try to write professionally. Avoid slang, jokes, exaggerations or phrases that you may later regret. You never know who may see your CV!