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5 Reasons to Go to Loveland, Colorado on Valentine’s Day

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Travel&Life

Colorado is one of the coolest states in America for more than just the high… mountains. The state is full of beautiful sights, gregarious people, and a wide variety of recreational activities to choose from. Turning to the topic of romance, though, Colorado has got your covered in that department too. The city of Loveland has more than just its name going for it, this destination has been rating multiple times as one of the best places for couples to go for these five reasons:

1. Outdoor enthusiasts swoon

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Setting aside for a moment the fact that Loveland has a lot just for couples, there is also a lot to see. For the adventurers, the hiking, biking, and horseback riding experiences are endless. Not to mention the awe-inspiring landscapes, rock formations, like the Devil’s Backbone, and the superb sunsets that grace you ever single day.

Imagine waking up every single day of your Valentine’s Day vacation in Loveland, lacing up your sneakers together, then heading out to run the 17.5 miles of city trails that wind around lakes, canals, fields, and green space. Or you two could go sailing or scuba diving at Carter Lake.

2. The Fire and Ice Festival

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There is more than just the two of you all a-sizzle. From February 10-12th, 2017, Loveland hosts a free family-friendly extravaganza of ice sculptures, live entertainment, horse drawn carriage rides around town, Valentine’s Day themed firework displays, and much more.

Every year, this festival gets bigger and more enjoyable. Couples that love silly fun, laughing, riding carousels, and winning stuffed animals will have a blast. Older, more mature folks too can enjoy the distilleries, breweries, and wineries that will have special stalls up to visit.

3. A gift for your man

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Rather than thinking of Valentine’s as just a day to celebrate the ladies, give some honest thought about your man, too. When it comes to treating the big guy nothing is better than pouring him an ice cold draft of beer, right?

Well, in Loveland, there is a special Valentine’s Day beer called “Bleeding Heart.” This is made by the local brewery, Grimm Brothers, who also host a V-Day Brunch. Also, if you guy loves robust coffee, take him to the LoCo Artisan Coffee House, which sells a V-Day roast exclusive to Loveland.

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4. The largest valentine

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Loveland has been the nation’s headquarters for this most romantic holiday for over 70 years. You can write a bunch of Valentines then deliver them to Sweetheart City. You and your significant other can learn all about the program as well as the prominence of Valentine’s Day at the Loveland Museum and Gallery.

Who knows, you might receive two or three love-filled messages yourself! Additionally, while checking out the museum, consider trying out a class or art workshop together. Nothing is better than being one another’s muse.

5. The ambiance of love

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By now, you probably understand how much Loveland adores Valentine’s Day. But if there is one last sprinkle to add to this treat, it would be the atmosphere that the city creates for couples living and coming to vacation in Loveland, Colorado.

Giant red hearts hang from lampposts, festive lights glitter in the downtown and elsewhere. Buses open up special services to shuttle couples to activities, and shops over V-Day merchandise. All in all, no place is better for Valentine’s Day because nowhere else puts out like Loveland.

When planning for a Valentine’s Day getaway, consider packing each other’s bags and heading out to Loveland, Colorado. What sounds like a couple’s amusement park is really a town, but the entertainment and bonding time you find is priceless.

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