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7 Ways to Stay Motivated during the Winter Months

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career, Lifestyle

Staying motivated and productive during the cold winter months isn’t always easy. In winter you might find it difficult to motivate yourself to do anything, from exercising to important tasks and projects. It’s much better and cozier to stay at a warm house and spend your time watching TV or surfing the Internet. That’s actually a waste of time and energy. Moreover, do you really want to miss all the beautiful and unique things the winter season offers you? If no, then try out a few of the following tips on how to stay motivated during the winter months.

1. Wake up early

“What?” It’s probably what you’ve just said. I know, I know, it’s so hard to get up early in the morning when it’s frosty outside. But sleeping in won’t help you boost your energy levels, you might even end up feeling sleepy and tired. Winter days are shorter so you can’t allow yourself to sleep till midday. Get up earlier to enjoy more daylight hours and get more things done. During the cold winter months, a good alarm is your best friend!

2. Exercise

When I was a college student and my friend did her morning exercises, I always said that she’s crazy. My friend is a super active gal who can do an incredible number of things a day. She stays active and motivated during all seasons of the year and I’ve never heard her complaints about cold weather and bad mood. Now I realize that doing a few exercises in the morning is a surefire way to keep my energy level high during the day. You don’t have to go to the gym, though. Go for a short walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or jump the rope for half an hour in the morning (like I do) to get those endorphins and boost your energy and mood.

3. Make to-do lists

Creating a to-do list at the beginning of the day, week or month can help you feel more focused and motivated during the winter season. If you have lots of important tasks to accomplish at work but you feel lack of energy and motivation, you can also try making to-do lists each day. When you see what you should do, you have less excuses for not doing it. Remember, you will never become successful, if you will spend most of your time lying under the blanket moaning about cold weather and lack of energy.

4. Enjoy those little things winter offers you

Winter is a fantastic time to do lots of nice things. You can enjoy a yummy hot chocolate, play a snowball fight with your family or friends, build snowmen, take a walk through the frozen park, curl up near the warm fireplace with your favorite book and a cup of tea, or decorate a Christmas tree. Can you do those things during the summer months? Enjoy this winter season to the fullest and you will stay motivated and productive each day. When a person is in a good mood, they tend to accomplish more during the day.

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5. Help animals

Look at the animals who are always active no matter the weather. They can inspire you to do the same. Make a habit of feeding the birds in your garden or park each day, and homeless animals you see on your way to college or work. You will know that you should go to the park to feed birds, or go to college or work on foot to feed you favorite homeless dog. This way, you help animals survive the winter season and you stay active and motivated each day, even on your weekends (animals need to eat each day just like you!)

6. Boost your career

Did you know that you can boost your career at home? There are many good websites that can help you improve your knowledge and become more professional. If you spend most of your time indoors, why not learn a new language. You may not need it right now, but one day when your boss will ask who knows that language, you will say proudly that you know.

7. Give yourself rewards

Although it’s not the best way to stay motivated during the winter months, it’s still worth trying. If you get up earlier each day, don’t skip your morning exercises, eat healthy, clean your house, and accomplish all of the important tasks during the day, why not reward yourself? Now, I’m not talking about shopping, so leave your credit card where it should be. Running into debts isn’t a fun thing. There are much better rewards like eating your favorite dessert (in moderation, of course!), drinking a hot chocolate, getting a massage etc.

Winter is the perfect season to set goals, stay active and enjoy your life to the fullest. Hopefully, these little tips will help you get the most of each winter month. If you have any other tips to stay motivated in winter, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section, please.