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10 Private Jet Charter Looks

womenosophy 6 months ago - in Travel&Life

No matter where you are going to travel, comfort and style are priorities, but what to wear? With that in mind, I have decided to put together a full list of outfit ideas for a private jet charter. After all, your airport look is as important as your office look, right? Jeans and sweaters are comfortable, but it all depends on where you are going. Is it a business meeting in another country? Family occasion? Your friend’s wedding? Check out what you can pick for your private jet charter looks right now.

1. The All-Occasion Look

You can never go wrong with an all-occasion look. The best time to choose this private jet charter outfit idea is when you do not know exactly what is waiting for you in your private jet destination – a coffee date, a fun party, or an unexpected business meeting.

Black leather pants, black or white top, any blazer of your choice, strappy high heel sandals, elegant watch, and wavy hair will make you look fabulous even after a super long flight.

2. The Innocently Elegant Look

20 something girls adore this look and you may want to rock it too. The classic black and white ensemble looks ladylike and fashionable at the same time.

Black sweater with white collar, leather shorts, skirt or pants, white wedge boots or sneakers, and black fedora will add that innocent touch to your look.

Complete it with a blue statement bag or a black backpack.

3. The Ladylike Look

A hat is considered an airport must. Why? Probably because it helps to hide those oily and dirty locks after a long flight. The white midi skirt goes perfectly well with a black and coral blouse.

Complete your ladylike look with beige or nude mid-heel open-toe pumps.

4. The Classic Black and Red Look

The classic look wins again. The red and black combo is en vogue this year. Red pumps are always modern and beautiful for business looks.

Wear them with your favorite black midi dress for a classic look. Bonus? It is super trendy, chic, beautiful, and simple.

5. The Lazy Girl’s Look

Who said lazy girls cannot look stylish?

They tend to dress comfy without sacrificing style. I love this white and black polka dot sweater/blue skinny jeans/white sneakers combo. It is all super comfy and fashionable.

6. The Summer Everyday Look

Are you on your way to a tropical getaway? Ditch dresses, heels, and jeans. Opt for a simple white sleeveless blouse, denim shorts, and beige sandals for a great summer everyday look.

7. The Standout Look

A lesson in keeping your airport look vibrant, elegant and chic: green pencil skirt, white sweater, nude coat, and done. Grey scarf and black suede gloves will keep you warm as soon as you land unless your destination is tropical.

8. The Confident Look


If hours spent on a plane always leave you feeling less confident about your look, this outfit idea can change the situation.

You can never go wrong with black pants, a matching oversized one-shoulder t-shirt, and grey open-toe ankle boots. A long necklace with a cute pendant will complete your look.

9. The Ultimate Travel Look

A long, roomy black dress is every jet-setter’s dream. It is comfy, chic, and excellent for those moments when you want to take a nap on a plane.

Wear a sequin blazer and wedges and keep jewelry to a minimum. It seems a little high maintenance but it is actually incredibly simple.

10. The Casual Denim Look

Denim shorts, ripped jeans, sleeveless denim jacket, and denim skirts all work well for private jet charters. Wearing them with a white tee and sandals adds style, without being too fussy. Denim dresses might be a good idea as well.

Stylish jet plane outfit ideas are pretty hard to come up with because the possibilities are literally endless. Remember, comfort is key. So if that dress or jumpsuit makes you feel like you are in a diving wetsuit, ditch it. Ladies, what are your favorite jet plane look?

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