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8 Awesome Emma Watson Looks

Lil Yarmak 6 months ago - in Entertainment

From the red carpet to the streets of London or New York City, Emma Watson is known around the world for her irresistible fashion decisions in addition to her talent as an actress. The Harry Potter star regularly wows onlookers with her unique blend of effortless elegance and relaxed chic. In short, Emma Watson is a style pro who knows how to look gorgeous even without makeup. Check out what street style looks you can steal from Emma Watson right now.

1. Tie top, slouchy trousers, slipper shoes

Photo: gossipcenter.com

Emma Watson is one of those stars that look just as stylish in “comfort” clothing as she does in a red carpet dress. She is regularly seen wearing a tie top, slouchy trousers, and slipper shoes as she runs errands or goes shopping. The black slouchy trousers particularly reflect her fashion prowess as they are a style that looks great but has not yet caught on in the mainstream.

2. Black coat, black skinny jeans, black boots

Photo: stylebistro.com

When in doubt, wear black! Emma Watson is regularly seen in all-black getups – maybe when she just wants to blend into the crowd? Her look of a black pea coat, black skinny jeans, and black boots definitely helps her accomplish this while still looking stylish. Even black isn’t the most positive color, it has its benefits, including fantastic slimming effect.

3. Letterman jacket, black loose-fitting trousers, slip-ons

Photo: gotceleb.com

Emma Watson is really rocking the loose-fitting pants look lately. This look combines a pair of her favorite black trousers with a letterman jacket for a sporty, athletic look that still remains fashionable. She topped the look off with a pair of comfortable slip-on shoes.

4. Floral cropped jacket, black loose top, baggy trousers

Photo: usmagazine.com

Simplicity is at the heart of Emma Watson’s street style. She likes to keep things basic and low maintenance. However, every now and again she likes to show the eclectic side of her fashion sense. Her street style look of floral cropped jacket, black loose top, baggy trousers might not be a look that everybody can pull off but, it does look fantastic on her.

5. Black jacket, black skinny jeans, black beanie, Chelsea boots

Photo: express.co.uk

Emma Watson seems to love the incognito look that an all-black outfit provides, especially when traveling. She keeps things comfortable yet stylish for plane rides with a black jacket, black skinny jeans (with small rips in the knees), a black beanie, and a funky pair of black Chelsea boots.

6. Navy blazer, navy trousers, pointed heels

Photo: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Emma Watson likes to keep things simple and comfortable but she still knows how to dress up when circumstances warrant it. Matching a navy blazer with a pair of trousers creates a very smart look that shows that she means business. The woman’s suit is tailored to fit her slim build and cut short at the ankles. She tops it off with a pair of pointed heels and a white dress shirt, buttoned up to the neck.

7. Pink sports bra, black athletic leggings, running shoes

Photo: starandstyle.com

Emma Watson knows that being healthy is one of the most important factors in looking stylish. She maintains her health with a regular workout routine and a healthy diet that greatly contributes to her healthy glow and beautiful appearance. When she works out, she often likes to sport a pink sports bra, black athletic leggings, and colorful running shoes.

8. Denim shirt, black skinny jeans, black Nike sneakers

Photo: listal.com

A denim button-up, black skinny jeans, and black Nike sneakers are the perfect “work day” outfit for someone with the casual elegance of Emma Watson. The outfit compliments her slim build, and there is no doubt it is also comfortable. Emma Watson knows how to pair things to look effortlessly classy and fashionable.

Emma Watson is one of the most stylish celebrities on the planet. The star of the Harry Potter films is regularly photographed wearing casually elegant outfits. Plus, they often goes makeup-free. She is confident and isn’t afraid to experiment. She proves that comfort is about all. What street style looks are you going to steal from Emma Watson? Feel free to share your ideas with us.

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