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10 Awesome Jennifer Lawrence Looks

Lil Yarmak 6 months ago - in Entertainment

People around the world know Jennifer Lawrence as one of today’s best young actresses. Yet, the Hunger Games star also receives her fair share of attention for her stunning style and intuitive sense of fashion. Simply put, her clothing choices both on the red carpet and while relaxing in her time off are impeccable. Here are 10 of the most awesome looks to steal from Jennifer Lawrence.

1. Black Fur-Collared Jacket, Skinny Jeans, Black Boots, Burgundy Wide-Brimmed Hat

Photo: kapanlagi.com

Though Jennifer Lawrence is most well-known for her beautiful red-carpet ware, her everyday outfits are also to be admired. She was recently seen sporting a black fur-collared jacket, blue skinny jeans, and black boots topped off with a burgundy wide-brimmed hat. The look was casual and comfortable yet the eclectic hat added a dose of spunk.

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