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29 Tips to Make Your Breasts Grow Faster

Lil Yarmak 6 months ago - in Beauty

Be happy with yourself and your beauty… Sounds great, right? But women aren’t always delighted with what they see in the mirror.

Women tend to spend tons of money on “miracle” creams and treatments that promise them to banish cellulite overnight, make their breasts bigger, or eliminate wrinkles. Even worse, they opt for surgery that helps them become more beautiful (as they think) but has plenty of downsides.

What’s the point? Isn’t it easier to fall in love with yourself and stop wasting your time and money on useless miracle stuff?

One of the biggest problems many women are trying to fix is the size of their breasts. Although breast size doesn’t matter, if you desperately want to make them grow, here’s how you can do it naturally, without turning to surgery:

1. Exercise

I’m a huge believer that exercise is the best cure for almost everything. It boosts our mood, helps to lose weight, fights anxiety and depression, and, as it turned out, it can help to fix the breast size problem. Certain workouts can make your breasts bigger.

Performing them regularly will help tone your pectoral muscle and make your breasts grow faster. Dumbbell cross punch, butterflies, dumbbell chest press with wrist rotation, plank walk, chair dips, and shoulder rounding are among the best exercises for your breasts.

2. Enjoy papaya juice and milk each day

Incorporating milk and papaya juice into your daily eating plan is a proven way to help your breasts grow. Milk and papaya juice contain vitamins and minerals that promote and support breast growth.

If you don’t feel like drinking papaya juice, add fresh papaya to your fruit salad or smoothie. A banana milkshake can also help you enhance your breast size.

3. Opt for natural breast lotions

Okay, these lotions won’t make your breasts grow, but they will help lift, tighten, and firm them. Saggy breasts don’t look beautiful, so it’s crucial to take care of your breasts daily.

Look for breast lotions with natural ingredients only. Herbal-based lotions are a good option to consider.

4. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are not miracle seeds but they contain phytoestrogen, a kind of plant estrogen that promotes breast growth. Don’t expect to see quick results, though.

When eaten in moderation, flax seeds enhance breast tissue growth and make your breasts grow a little bit larger. You can add flax seeds to your oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, or sprinkle some on your salad.

5. Try herbs

Just like fruit and vegetables, herbs boast awesome benefits. Red clover, licorice, fennel, saw palmetto, fenugreek, and wild yam are among the best herbs that enhance breasts. You might not be able to eat all of these herbs raw, so see your doctor and find out what natural supplement you can take.

6. Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is a well-known herb that typically comes in a pill form. Many women use it to make their breasts grow faster.

However, I’m not recommending adding marshmallow root to your diet without consulting your doctor first. The problem is, many herbs, including marshmallow root, can interfere with other medications so before you take any supplement make sure you let your doctor know about it.

7. Birth control pills

I’m against any pills, including birth control pills as they have many side effects. Since many women take birth control pills to increase their breast size, I couldn’t skip this method.

Birth control pills contain estrogen that helps to promote breast growth. If your doctor recommends you take birth control pills, then why not? But if they don’t, look for another natural way to make your breasts a bit bigger.

8. Push-ups

As I mentioned before, there are certain exercises that help to make your breasts bigger. Push-up exercises can tone your entire body, not only your chest. Push-up exercises are hard to perform but they promise awesome results.

9. Boost your protein intake

Boost your protein intake to boost your breasts. Eating an unbalanced diet is one of the causes of saggy breasts so make sure you eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and protein-rich foods such as nuts, milk, eggs, lean fish, peanut butter, chicken, pumpkin seeds, Greek yogurt, edamame and many more. Eliminate sugary drinks, fast food, and some processed foods that are not good for you.

10. Breast massage

There are many benefits of regular massage. Not only does it make your breasts firmer, but it also helps to make them grow. If you do your massage at home, make sure you do it correctly.

Consult your gynecologist to learn the most effective breast massage techniques. The results may greatly surprise you. Massaging helps increase the blood flow and the flow of phytoestrogens found in the bloodstream to the breasts and stimulates the production of prolactin that promotes their growth.

11. Ditch bad habits

Believe it or not, but your bad habits may stop the growth of your breasts. Smoking, for example, keeps the breasts from growing, while drinking too much alcohol leads to saggy breasts and breast cancer.

Drinking too much coffee, working too much and not getting enough sleep each night are another habits you should get rid of starting today.

12. Include foods high in estrogen in your eating plan

Foods rich in estrogen have been shown to help promote breast growth. Sure, it doesn’t mean you should eat estrogenic foods all day long to see quick results.

Consume foods high in estrogen, such as soy foods, fruits, vegetables, chicken, legumes, eggs, anise seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds, in moderation to enhance breast development.

13. Do your household chores yourself

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Modern women can’t imagine their lives without vacuum cleaners, coffee grinders, mincing machines, slow cookers, vegetable choppers, and many other devices that make our daily lives easier. If you want to make your breasts bigger, do chores yourself, especially those that require arm movements.

14. Healthy fats

The keyword here is healthy, so avoid consuming trans fats and processed vegetable oils. Healthy fats are good for you and they don’t cause weight gain.

Eggs, fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and trout), nuts, avocados, olive oil, peanut butter and beans are all great sources of healthy fats that help make your breasts grow faster.

15. Boost your vitamin intake

Vitamin deficiencies can affect your health and your breast growth as well. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in collagen and elastin production, Vitamin A helps enhance skin cell rejuvenation and regeneration, vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells, and vitamin E helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.

16. Increase your prolactin level

Prolactin plays a significant role in how big your breast size is. It stimulates fat storage as well as growth inside your breasts.

There are a few ways to increase your prolactin level in a natural way, but probably the most effective one is by consuming the herbs like blessed thistle, nettle, fennel and fenugreek. However, it does not mean you should munch on the herbs all day long. A little bit every day will go a long way.

17. Improve your growth hormone development

The growth hormone somatotropin is a peptide hormone that aids cell regeneration and reproduction. With a myriad of supplements available these days, you may want to invest in one that will help you improve your growth hormone development.

But I suggest following three main rules: get 8 hours of sleep and go to bed before 11 pm in order to get your daily dose of beauty sleep, snack on food high in protein, and consume super foods like goji berries.

18. Lower your testosterone level

Men with a low testosterone level and a high estrogen level often have enlarged breasts. If you eat testosterone-rich foods regularly, this may be a reason you have small breasts. Eliminate meat, sugary treats, chips, white rice, and oysters.

19. Avoid going tanning

Not only can it lead to cancer, but it can also stop your breast growth. Sunburns disappear in a few days while increasing your risk of droopy breasts. Protect your girls by lathering on the quality sunscreen and covering up them while tanning, though it is best to avoid going tanning at all.

20. Seafood

Seafood is a unique source of manganese, which has an estrogenic effect on the body. This element works by increasing sex hormone levels in the body and promoting the development of breast tissue. Therefore, eating foods such as mussels, shrimp, oysters, and certain types of fish promotes breast growth because of this hormonal mimicking.

21. Nuts

Different kinds of nuts known to everyone, like walnuts, peanuts, cashews, and pecans, are excellent products for bust enlargement due to their high healthy fat content and protein. In addition, they are also beneficial to vital organs like the brain and heart. Therefore, regular use of nuts as a snack or as an ingredient in the main dish will help in the quest to increase breasts.

22. Yoga

Yoga has been proven to have a positive effect on the entire body, but it also has a beneficial impact on the breasts and mammary glands by expanding the heart center in the curves and increasing blood circulation during exercise. In addition, it is possible to raise the mammary glands by using special activities and energy of the heart chakra. Also, the nervous system is normalized, immune protection is increased, and stress levels are reduced.

23. Eat red lentils

Red lentils are one of the most famous natural remedies for breast enlargement and are very tasty. Because of the high dose of phytoestrogens, regular consumption of red lentils naturally increases breast tissue. It can be boiled, added to salads, baked with vegetables, and more.

24. Beets

To improve blood flow, increase stamina and libido, which is associated with increased breast size. This particular vegetable can be cooked in different variations, baked, eaten with other veggies, or made into juice. In any case, it retains its beneficial properties and will help to achieve excellent results for breast growth.

25. Posture

Almost every woman dreams of beautiful and firm breasts. The advice to keep your posture is straightforward, but many women do not realize what a huge impact is on the shape of the breasts. With scoliosis, there is necessarily a turn of the torso, which leads to a deformity of the chest, and the breasts sometimes seem to be different in size. Try standing up straight and pulling your shoulders back, and this will instantly increase the breast line.

26. Use silicone bra and silicone chicken cutlets

Simply silicone bra inserts can significantly increase the volume of the bust. The use of silicone is invisible under clothing and has firmness and weight that mimics a natural breast. Silicone is of excellent quality, adapts quickly to the body’s curves, and models a seductive shape.

27. Contouring

With the help of a good brush, light and shade can be used to enhance your facial features and your breasts. It is possible to buy a particular palette for contouring or use a set of everyday makeup. There are many video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on the internet for effective contouring of the decollete area.

28. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are excellent products to control testosterone levels in the body. Also, the fiber in vegetables prevents the development of cancer cells and directs all its properties to increase the bust. This can include all kale, strawberries, blueberries. In addition, apples, cherries, papaya, dates, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, beets, and cucumbers will be helpful.

29. Sleep on your back

The habit of sleeping on your stomach is not only harmful but can also negatively affect the shape of your chest. Sleeping on your back or on your stomach with a pillow is an excellent way out. In this case, you will be one step closer to the desired result.

The main advice I can give you right now is to love your body, no matter your breast size. There is nothing wrong with small bbs. After all, a lot of guys claim they love women with small breasts. If you desperately want to make your breasts a bit bigger, then give some of these tips a try and let me know about your results.

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