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77 Heartless Quotes For Cold Hearted People

Lil Yarmak 6 months ago - in Lifestyle
  1. “It’s not such a wonderful thing, to be young,” I said. “It’s heartless, and selfish.” “But, oh, so free,” Nod said sadly. “So free when you have no worries or cares.” ― Christina Henry
  2. “Being heartless is so much easier.”
  3. “When women are angry at men, they call them heartless. When men are angry at women, they call them crazy. Sometimes it doesn’t stop there.” ― Susan Cheever
  4. “Even the most innocent person, when cornered, is capable of a heartless crime.” ― Yiyun Li
  5. “Leftists are brainless, rightists are heartless.” ― Sercan Leylek
  6. “It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.
  7. “A little inhumanity does not describe you as heartless, rather, it is a way of telling others that you have a heart that can get angry.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson
  8. “People can be so heartless and dirty.” ― Jim Goad
  9. “I maybe heartless, but you’re naive.”
  10. “Heartless retouching should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.” ― Peter Lindbergh
  11. “Adolescence is that time when I think, it can be- it’s the cruelest place on Earth. It can really be heartless.” ― Tori Amos
  12. “Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, it’s the place where we find the deepest heartache.” ― Iyanla Vanzant
  13. “I made a tin man costume with tin foil and furnace parts because I thought it would help me be more heartless.” ― Marcel Dzama
  14. “They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
  15. “Life sometimes reminds us that it is sometimes heartless by giving something or someone we really need to someone who does not need or even want them or it.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana Read also – 10 Celebrities with Golden Heart
  16. “Cruel, behold my heavy ending, / See what you wrought by your disdaining. / Causeless I die, love still attending / Your hopeless pity of my complaining. / Suffer those eyes which thus have slain me, / With speed to end their killing power, / So shall you prove how love doth pain me, / And see me die still your.” ― John Wilbye
  17. “Heartless’ is a label that is all too often wrongly given to someone who is rational by someone who is emotional.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  18. “To be conservative at 20 is heartless and to be a liberal at 60 is plain idiocy.” ― Winston Churchill
  19. “You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.” ― Charlaine Harris
  20. “For women to succeed in politics, business, and entrepreneurial ventures they have to battle against a stereotype of being heartless and unfeminine.” ― Karla Crome
  21. “I hear the birds singing. Listen. I hear them in their cage. The others-all our kind who know of her-they think of her as heartless, but she wasn’t heartless. She was only aware of things which I didn’t learn till so many decades had passed. She knew secrets that only suffering can teach…” ― Anne Rice
  22. “The laughter of man is more terrible than his tears, and takes more forms hollow, heartless, mirthless, maniacal.” ― James Thurber
  23. “An intellectual, heartless man never becomes an inspired man. It is always the heart that speaks in the man of love; it discovers a greater instrument than intellect can give you, the instrument of inspiration.” ― Swami Vivekananda
  24. “Though critics may bow to art, and I am its own true lover, / It is not art, but heart, which wins the wide world over. / Though smooth be the heartless prayer, no ear in Heaven will mind it.” ― Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  25. “My joys each after other, in haste are flying, / And leave me dying for her that scorns my crying. / Oh she from hence departs, my love refraining, / For whom, all heartless alas! I die complaining.” ― John Wilbye
  26. “If you can be heartless as the first man who visited the space, then there will be nothing impossible for you to achieve.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson Read also – 7 Ways to Lower the Level of Pride in Your Heart
  27. “Not all of our heartless plans work as we intend; nor do all of our good intentions. We are where we are, and we can rarely predict where we will go, no matter how firm our beliefs.” ― Michelle Sagara
  28. “Being heartless is better than living with a broken heart!” mumbled a bruised soul.” ― Sadiqua Fathima
  29. “The very fact we use the term ‘cold-blooded’ as a synonym for ‘heartless’ should tell you something about the innate bias we primates hold against reptiles. Do not judge other species by your own social norms.” ― Becky Chambers
  30. “I’m a heartless optimist. This combination could make me lethal, but mostly it has led to a successful hermit lifestyle.” ― Sarah Noffke
  31. “I’m not heartless. I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.” ― Kanye West
  32. “I’ve learned the best way to prevent your heart from getting broken, is to act like you don’t have one.” ― Nishan Panwar
  33. “Did you forget? I’m a heartless wretch!” ― Davy Jones
  34. “The cold, heartless, and/or antisocial people in the world are usually the ones with the biggest hearts.” ― Isaiah Harden
  35. “The problem with certainty is that sometimes it can sound cold and heartless, although it is the most compassionate and supportive answer.” ― Yehuda Berg
  36. “The experiences of the heartless are so limited. It is hate that is blind. Love may miss a flaw here and there, but hate misses beauty everywhere.” ― Helen McCloy
  37. “He lies there with no heart, but heartless is the last thing you’ll call him.” ― Sonali Jain
  38. “My brain has no heart, and my heart has no brain. That’s why when I speak my mind I appear heartless, and when I do what’s in my heart I seem thoughtless.” ― Anthony Bautista
  39. “In life’s journey, you will meet all sorts of characters. Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, corrupt or insensitive.” ― Krystal
  40. “Kinda have feelings, Kinda Heartless.”
  41. “If you have given up your heart … you have already lost. A heartless creature is a loveless creature, and a loveless creature is a beast.” ― Stephen King
  42. “She informed me that in the future, I was not to throw out Starbucks customers just for being heartless bi***es.” ― Lauren Miracle
  43. “The truth is, sometimes siblings have nothing in common but blood…Sometimes you stay up late at night, thinking things that make you feel like a heartless monster, wishing for something different and then feeling sick with guilt because you know what the cost of “different” would be…There’s a difference between having no siblings and having a broken one.” ― Beth Revis
  44. “You are gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.”
  45. “Without a mythology, faith is impersonal and heartless.” ― Amos Bronson Alcott
  46. It’s a cruel, heartless world out there in commercial rock “n” roll, and when you take as much time off as we did, eight years, booking agents, don’t know if you’ll draw.” ― Tina Weymouth
  47. “Most heartless people have a heart, they’ll just do anything to protect their heart even if it means that they have to break yours.” ― Sonya Parker
  48. “The accumulation of grief over one lifetime is more then one heart can bear.”Robert explained.”Only the heartless could withstand more.Or the very young,those too naive to truly understand loss.” ― James Rollins
  49. “You claim to be heartless but you’re always doing nice things for other people? You’re just a sweetheart that’s afraid to get hurt again.” ― Sonya Parker
  50. “Life without flying unconditionally, life with hindered and heartless ending.” ― Tamara Stamenkovic
  51. “Perhaps this is just punishment for those who have been heartless, to understand only when nothing can be undone.” ― Khaled Hosseini
  52. “Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information. It is a creative human activity, its geniuses acting more as artists than as information processors.” ― Stephen Jay Gould
  53. “I’m not heartless. I appear so because I’m afraid of getting hurt. I’m one of those fragile hearts that once cared too much.” ― Nitya Prakash
  54. “If mothers are our first teachers, then having a narcissistic one teaches us that human closeness is terrifying, and the world is a heartless, inconsistent place.” ― Koren Zailckas
  55. “The heart that pumps blood to the organ and fails to pump love to the world is heartless.” ― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  56. “She was a beautiful woman, fresh-scrubbed and wholesome. Just like his ex-fiancee. A heartless floozy in disguise.” ― Peggy Webb
  57. “To protect your heart from breaking just don’t disclose that you have one.” ― Senora Roy
  58. “People, by and large, weren’t cruel, weren’t heartless; it was simple that they couldn’t believe anything could happen.” ― Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
  59. “I was not always heartless, but after you broke my heart I started using my heart less.”
  60. “If you are good hearted, I will never fail to donate my blood to save you and if you are heartless, I will never fail to gift your blood in crucifying you” ― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  61. “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” ― Karl Marx
  62. “Two gentle hearts live together One is yours and another one is also yours Yes! I have given you mine For this reason, sometimes I may seem heartless From the poem: Arithmetic” ― Munia Khan
  63. ““Hardship is meant to modify heartless of man to make feel in the flesh as soft being.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  64. “I could never understand the purpose of my kind. They are cruel, heartless beings. And the way they obtain legs is even crueler still. But what can be said about a being who is heartless even though they possess one?” ― Amy Astorga
  65. “Man who TOY with Woman feelings and emotions are heartless & faithless creatures. But don’t hate them. Show empathy because they are poor & forgotten souls !” ― Lily Amis
  66. “Be like snow: Beautiful but cold.”
  67. “I am glad you don’t think I am heartless. I am nothing of the kind. I know I am not. And yet I must admit that this thing that has happened does not affect me as it should. It seems to me to be simply like a wonderful ending to a wonderful play. It has all the terrible beauty of a Greek tragedy, a tragedy in which I took a great part, but by which I have not been wounded.” ― Oscar Wilde
  68. “Not sure if I am emotionally strong and can handle everything or I am a heartless sociopath.”
  69. “How you can sit there, calmly eating muffins when we are in this horrible trouble, I can’t make out. You seem to me to be perfectly heartless.” “Well, I can’t eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs. One should always eat muffins quite calmly. It is the only way to eat them.” “I say it’s perfectly heartless your eating muffins at all, under the circumstances.” ― Oscar Wilde
  70. “Most people who act heartless have a sweetheart. They just act heartless to protect themselves from getting hurt again.” ― Sonya Parker
  71. “The insatiable need for heartless power and ruthless control is the telltale sign of an uninitiated man – the most irresponsible, incompetent and destructive force on earth.” ― Michael Leunig
  72. “Just when you give up and think the whole world is heartless, you turn around and face someone so wonderful that they give you a reason to Love again, at least one more time.” ― Terry Mark
  73. “It’s simple. Mankind is a sorry excuse for living creatures. They are cruel, cold, merciless, selfish, heartless, wasteful, greedy, and destructive. But the list goes on. I can spend all night telling you what’s wrong with them, but why bother?” ― Charles Lee
  74. “So I did something I’ve never done, and put your live above my own, because no matter how hard I try to convey it, I’m not heartless. I have a heart and… and it beats for you.” ― Emma Winters
  75. “Those who are heartless, once cared too much.” ― Frank Ocean
  76. “Best way to not get your heart broken, is to pretend you don’t have one.” ― Charlie Sheen
  77. “There’s going to come a time when you learn to be heartless, only to protect yourself.”

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