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7 Ways to Lower the Level of Pride in Your Heart

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Sometimes we feel inner restlessness and discomfort for no apparent reason. It usually happens when the level of pride in our blood is incredibly high. At first glance, pride seems to be a good and beneficial quality that encourages people to respect themselves and boost their self-esteem.

But if we dig a little bit deeper, we will find out that it is a deadly poison. Actually, it prevents us from living a happy life and makes people blind to the reality and truth. This article will show you how to reduce your pride without damaging your self-esteem.

1. Do it secretly

Excessively prideful people prefer to help the others in a haughty and proud manner. They adore hearing numerous praises and the words of gratitude that massage their ego and show their superiority.

If you want to start the battle with pride, try to do good deeds anonymously. Don’t tell your friends, colleagues or family members about your acts of kindness, until they ask you about it.

2. Give a shameful job a try

We refuse to perform one work or another because we find it degrading. Such a behavior is nothing else, but a signal of pride. After all, there is nothing wrong with painting the walls, working in the garden or washing the floor.

Though this way is a bit unpleasant, it is one of the most effective techniques to getting down off your high horse. It is difficult to step out of the comfort zone, but this strategy will help you lower the level of pride in your heart.


3. Be grateful to those who make your world better

Every day hundreds of people cooperate with you, try to satisfy your needs, impress you and do their work with high quality.

Why don’t we always show our gratitude to the people, who devote a piece of their soul to our comfort, security, and well-being? The feeling of pride makes us take good things for granted.

It is important to thank other people even for the little things they do, no matter what their social status is. This habit of gratitude will curb your pride and help you earn the respect of others.

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4. Do not take those you love down with you

Unfortunately, not everyone can celebrate a friend’s success today. It does not mean that modern people are cruel and dark-hearted. We usually halt each other’s progress due to the influence of competitive feelings, envy, conspiracy, pride, and spite.

Stop behaving like a crab in a bucket, but learn to delight in other people’s fortune, even if you have not found your place under the sun yet. Do not be jealous, but let them make a breakthrough first. If you show your support, they will certainly achieve success and give you a helping hand.

5. Practice silent listening

Excessively prideful person is not a good interlocutor because respectful communication is not their pair of shoes. If you feel that you often behave in a disrespectful manner during the conversation, try to practice careful listening and suppress the desire to interrupt the interlocutors for a few days at least.

If you stop reflecting on all probable ways of answering during the conversation and pay considerable attention to its message and details, you will hear and learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

6. Pass on your knowledge

Knowledge sharing is the moral responsibility of every person. Prideful people either refuse to share valuable knowledge with others or do it in a prideful way with a head held high. It is a wrong strategy, though.

This way, you simply push people away and lead yourself up the garden. Share the knowledge when asked and you will see that your advice will help the interlocutor move the situation off dead center. Being a mentor is a gift.

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7. The mirror principle

People are the mirrors that reflect the deepest corners of your soul. When you meet a person, you pay attention to their physical appearance, habits, gestures and personal characteristics.

When certain characteristics of the person in front of you give birth to irritation in your heart and trigger a negative reaction from you, it means that these personal characteristics are peculiar to you. Analyze the situation and try to understand what it is necessary to change about yourself.

Pride is the feeling that gradually spoils the quality of a modern person’s life. Struggle with pride is challenging, but I am sure you will win. Have any tips for lowering the pride level? Feel free to share them with us.