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7 Things That Make The Modern Woman’s Life Difficult

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Women are pure and lovely and they have something divine in their nature. That was in the past, though. Modern reality changes their minds, makes their hearts cold and weakens their connection to the divinity. Everyday, millions of women try to do, at first glance, beneficial things aimed at satisfying their personal needs.

They believe that modern priorities, values and habits will help them achieve success, but at what cost? They often become successful, but unhappy, because many of their casual actions, habits and values are destructive and have a dark side as well. If you feel unhappy in a modern society, here are the things that are probably making your life more difficult.

1. The pursuit of prosperity

Modern women demand more care, love, attention, opportunities and better conditions, because they want to enjoy this life today. It is difficult to resist temptations and stay indifferent to a modern propaganda of financial prosperity. But women should realize that human prosperity depends mostly on the level of spiritual, physical and mental development.

Women who try to have it all at all costs, usually condemn themselves to lifelong misery and emotional pain. Instead of stepping on other people’s throats, accept your fate and life path with gratitude. Such attitude will open all doors to you and bring harmony into your life.

2. Pride

This is crazy: many people think pride is not a sin or shortcoming, but an advantage peculiar to all happy and highly successful people. Instead of curbing the ego, we stick to our guns until desired results are achieved. Modern women tend to behave as if they are best of the best, absolutely independent, all-seeing and all-knowing personalities.

They do what they want, look down on others, behave in an ungrateful way, but want to be loved and respected by others. They do not receive love and respect, because pride is the thing that engenders hatred, suffering, resentment and pain. It is important to love yourself, but do not forget to love others too.

3. Excessive talkativeness and openness

If you tend to broadcast your life on social networks and wash your dirty linen in public, you automatically make yourself unhappy. Public viewing is a dangerous thing that can have a detrimental effect on your life and your family’s prosperity. Remember, your personal info, secrets and boasting can inflame malignant envy and other negative feelings in the hearts of evil-wishers.

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4. Excessive exertion of female power

Female power is enormous but sometimes it can spoil the quality of your life if you do not use it wisely. As tender and fragile creatures, womanly women often break into tears and get hysterical any time they face a challenging situation. Too much drama can make your life much more complicated.

5. Crossing a man’s word

No offence guys, but modern women are a bit stronger than men. But if you want to build a long-term relationship, this trait may prevent you from doing it. Men do not like when their tender and lovely women turn into aggressive opponents. As a result, those ladies who think that crossing a man’s word is normal, usually become miserable, because they can’t reach mutual understanding with men.


6. Clothing

Revealing clothes can help you open up, look sexy, alluring and become more feminine. But excessive emancipation and revealing attire give birth to yearning looks and negative desires in the minds of people around. These looks are sometimes so strong that they can disrupt a woman’s energetic field and lead to various diseases with ease.

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7. Superiority

The last and maybe one of the most significant things that make the life of modern ladies difficult is their drive for self-sufficiency, superiority, and independency.

As soon as women start cooperating with the harsh world, they gradually lose their sexiness, tenderness, emotional sensitivity, and turn into rational thinking and predictable creatures. Sometimes it is okay to ask for help, so do not exhaust yourself by doing everything alone.

These things are great, but when you do not control your habits they are bad for your inner-being. Change some of these habits to improve the quality of your life in this challenging world. What other things can lead modern women up the garden?