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5 Crucial Reasons to Look for a Best Friend, Not a Lover

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

Dating a lover is what calls a passionate love. You have someone to kiss and be kissed. Your nights are full of love and your days are full of sexy texts. You give your soul and heart to your lover without expecting anything in return. You simply love, even if he does not love you.

Dating a love is obviously great for many reasons. But, he can end things at any given moment without considering your feelings and emotions. Dating a best friend is like having a two-in-one product – I know the comparison is odd but true. If you are a single girl seeking love, look for a best friend, not a lover. Here is why:

1. You will have someone to laugh with

When you date a lover, nights are typically for love and nothing more. When you date a best friend, once in a while both of you love to stay up late and talk about goals, dreams, and inner struggles. You have someone to go on adventures and spend hours full of laughter. Finally, you have someone to share your heart with, not only your bed.

2. You will have someone to have fun with

A lover will not spend a night binge-watch those old Charmed or Lost seasons with you. He will feel bored and spend the night moaning about those terrible episodes that you actually love. A best friend will love everything you love. Instead of complaining, he will have fun and make sure you have fun too.

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3. He will honestly tell you how you look

A guy who is trying to get in your pants will tell you that you look fantastic in that dress, even if he will think otherwise. A best friend, who does not mind to get in your pants too, but not for his own pleasure, because he loves you and wants you to be happy, will be honest with you in any beauty or fashion situation. If he does not like your hairstyle, he will honestly tell you before the others let you know about it.

4. You will have someone to share your inner secrets with

A lover does not care about your dreams, little accomplishments, and inner secrets, so you have to talk to your friend or mother to share your worries or simply to pour out your heart. When you are in a relationship with a best friend, you always have someone to talk to any time of the day.

5. He will not bring drama into your life

If you have ever dated a lover, you know how much drama he brings into a girl’s life. You never stop worrying about him cheating on you, ignoring you, or leaving you. A best friend cares about you, and he will even sacrifice his own dreams, goals, plans and life to bring happiness into your life. Surely, your relationship will not be ideal, but you will less likely to fight over the trifles.

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Love is not about finding a passionate lover, it is about finding a best friend that will love you and you will love him until death do you part. Sharing your life with someone who accepts your flaws, understands your emotions and inner struggles is a dream come true. Do you think it is better to date a lover or a best friend? Please share your thoughts with us.