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8 Ultimate Signs Your Man Is Crazy About You

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Whether you just had your first date or you have been in a relationship for a while, sometimes it is hard to tell if he is crazy about you. Luckily, there are eight signs to watch out for when you want to know if he is going to propose you down the road. If you do not see any of these signs in your relationship, your guy is just playing with your emotions.

1. He stands up for you, even when you are not right

Men who truly love their women never do anything that will lower their women’s self-esteem. No matter the situation, they always defend their loved ones. If your man stands up for you, even when you are not right, and tells you about your mistakes in private, he is definitely crazy about you.

2. He worries about you when you are sick

He does not just call or text to let you know that he hopes or wishes you feel better soon. He forgets about all the tasks, problems and dreams, and stays with you until you really feel better. He buys all the things you need, even when you need tampons, and takes care of meals and household chores. He cares about you because he truly loves you.

3. He does not get mad when you fight with him

You yell. You cry. You break plates. You say the words you regret later. But he rarely gets mad and snap at you. He understands that girls are highly emotional so he just let you get it all out. When fighting, he does not care about who is right and who is wrong. He lets you win the fight at times in order to help you feel better.

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4. He is ready to run into debts to solve your problems

Whether you suffer from serious disease or you have some debt problems, your guy is ready to help you even if it means to run into debts himself. He does not run away from you as soon as he finds out the problem. He is trying to make your life easier. Sound familiar? Lucky you are. Your man is insanely crazy about you.

5. He changes his lifestyle

When a man is crazy about you, he is ready to change his entire life to make you happy. He changes his habits, likes and dislikes and he does not mind to move to your city, if you are in a long distance relationship. He is trying to suit your lifestyle without showing it.

6. You two stay stronger during the hardest times

Typically, when one partner faces the hard times, the other partner tries to support them. Unfortunately, not everyone can accept the help and understand the support when they feel down. But it is not about those couples who are crazy about each other. The hard times make you stronger and you go through them together.

7. He is proud of you

Whatever you do, he never feels ashamed of you. He is proud of you and let others know about it. His friends may hate you, his parents may disapprove of you, and his coworkers may call you crazy, but he is happy to have such a woman like you in his life. He does not care about what others think or say, he keeps going crazy about you.

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8. You control the remote

Okay, maybe this sign is not as important as the signs mentioned above, but still you know how men worry about who controls the remote when watching TV. If you are the one who controls the remote when you watch TV together and he misses his favorite shows so that you can watch yours, he is certainly crazy about you.

Do you see any of these signs in your relationship? If so, then now you know that your man is in love with you and he is going to propose you one day. The question is, ‘Are you crazy about him just like he is about you?’ Hopefully, yes. Have a happy future together!