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8 Feelings You Experience When Dating a Real Man

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

When you’re in a relationship, your life is either bright and happy or dull and miserable. Single people claim it’s better to be alone than to be with someone they don’t love. Whether you agree or not, it’s totally true. Your partner might be a true gentleman, but if you don’t love him, leave him. Many miserable women are not miserable because of their men. They are miserable because of their wrong choices. If you love your man and you’re sure he truly loves you, here are those feelings both of you should experience:

1. You feel protected

Whoever your boyfriend is, he should never make you feel scared. If you two feel protected when you are together, you’re on the right way. Of course, if you crash his car, it`s okay to worry that he`ll be angry but you shouldn’t be afraid of him. A real man will never hurt his woman, no matter what. If you feel scared every time you do something wrong, he’s not the one you need. Whatever the danger you encounter, both of you should feel protected.

2. You can’t breathe freely when you touch him

When you look into his eyes, you feel like your head spins around and it`s even hard to come in out of the rain. Successful relationship lets you breathe freely every time you touch your guy and feel his lips on yours. Love is all about passion and this passion never ends when you love each other.

3. You feel comfortable

You don`t need to hide your thoughts and worries from him. You`re not afraid to say anything you want because you know that he`ll cheer you up and support you in any situation. When no one understands you, he is always here for you. Being in a successful relationship with a real man is all about feeling cozy and comfortable with him.

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4. You’re ready for more

However confident and proud you are, you’re always ready to swallow your pride and help your man. Your partner, on the other hand, is trying to show you that the whole world is yours and he’s ready to help you win this world. Both of you are ready to help each other even when others judge your actions. You wake up feeling inspired and energized enough to reach all your goals. If your partner is your number one source of inspiration, it’s a great sign.

5. You feel grateful

You never judge him. Why? Because there`s nothing to judge him for. Even when he does something wrong, you realize that we`re not perfect. You make a lot of mistakes as well. Every day you are grateful for every little thing he’s doing for you. You can be happy when you are not grateful. If all you feel is resentment and hatred, you’re definitely in a wrong relationship.

6. You enjoy your freedom

They say, once you’re in a relationship you can forget about your freedom. Well, it’s partially true. When it comes to a healthy relationship, partners always feel free to do whatever they want. When it comes to an abusive relationship, though, freedom is a huge luxury. Real men don`t control their women. They’re not jealous and clingy. They simply trust their women. If your partner never clips your wings and gives you a total freedom, appreciate him because he’s a true gentleman.

7. You feel confident

A real man never makes his girlfriend doubt about their relationship. You never expect a breakup with him. You don’t have to worry about his uncertainty. You’re absolutely confident about your future. You share grief and happiness together. If there`s a problem, no one gives up but you two look for the solution instead.

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8. You’re ready to be with him forever

You never lose hope in a relationship with a real man. He doesn’t let you feel miserable. He does anything possible to make you happy. You can`t imagine your life without him and he tells you that his life will be miserable and empty without you. You`re ready live your entire life with him and you know that all problems you`ll encounter are nothing in comparison with the love you feel towards each other.

These are the feelings every happy couple experiences in a successful relationship. If you and your partner experience the same feelings, congratulations. If not, then reconsider your relationship. If the two of you really love each other, you will find the best way to save your relationship and make one another happier. Did you ever experience any of these feelings?