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8 Most Popular Types of Readers

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

There are lots of readers and everyone is different. We read differently and for different purposes. Some people can just leaf through the pages, while others pay attention to every single word and analyze them carefully. Some people read books in order to be educated and intelligent, while others do it just for the sake of pleasure. There are people who read only when it`s needed and, unfortunately, there are still those who can`t read and write at all. Each person takes what they need out of reading and what are your preferences? What type of reader are you?

1. Look at the end at first

Whatever book this type of readers take, the first thing they always do is to look at the last page to find out what the end will be. They`re afraid to read the entire story and encounter the death of a main character so they prevent it by taking a look at the back-pages before reading. This kind of readers chooses romance, crime, fantasy or horror.

2. Hate annotations

Some readers just hate books full of reviews and annotations. They don`t want to be told what the author meant by writing this or that. They like to think everything over all alone. It doesn`t mean that they`re not interested in the details or characters, they just want to solve the “riddle” without anyone`s help. It shows their high intelligence and a desire to think differently.

3. Worry about all the characters

Some of us like characters of the stories more than actually the story itself. We focus on the main characters and worry about all the secondary ones at the same time. We can’t spend a day without knowing more about their lives. If you belong to this type of readers, you like reading novels and can easily point out an author that isn`t good enough at creating truly cool characters.

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4. Focus on the plot and protagonist only

This is the group of readers who`re more interested in the story itself rather than in all characters. They worry about the destiny of a protagonist as well and are often impatient to find out what will happen next so they rarely stop reading up to the very last word. They empathize the main hero and mainly read lyrics, serious literature and actually those books where all attention is focused on the main character`s life path.

5. Read what’s in only

Not all readers buy books for the sake of enjoyment or education. There are people who read to look more intelligent in others` eyes. They want to stay trendy even when it comes to book. They often buy many books that they don’t even open. The main reason they do it is to show others how many new and trendy books they have. They don`t know what reading is indeed, they just don`t want to look silly and do everything to be better than others.

6. Compare to movies

These people will never watch a movie if they know there’s a book they can read. They like to compare books to movies and, of course, they always say that reading is much better than watching the story on the screen. Reading helps to develop imagination while watching a movie is all about enjoying the way a movie maker interprets characters and actions of a certain book.

7. Can’t wait till the end

The statistic shows that around a half of readers can`t wait till the very end of the story. These readers tend to skip a few pages and sometimes even the whole chapter to reach the end as soon as possible. Then they criticize books and complain that it`s boring because its author`s lack of talent. However, the only reason of this negative impression is their huge impatience.

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8. Book junkies

These people are huge book junkies. If they unintentionally skip an important detail of a story, they`d definitely beat a hasty retreat. These attentive readers get extremely excited about the protagonist and plot at the same time. They can read between the lines and understand the whole story. If they get interested in one book of a certain author, they`ll buy the other ones because they know what a truly valuable book is.

They say, books are not popular these days. Yup, many of us are not fond of books. But there are those who will never stop reading. Reading helps us be smarter and boost the brain`s power. Try to be a patient and more attentive reader and don`t judge authors because writing a book is a huge work. What type of reader are you? What’s your favorite book?