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What Makes Popular Women Popular

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

There are two categories of people: popular and unpopular. The first type is those who are showered with attention of the second one. If you belong to the second type and want to change the situation, you should definitely dare to try. They say, you can only be born popular but it`s impossible to become so. But any woman can change her traits and master new skills. Besides, lots of world famous people were so-called losers in childhood. It means that if you`re going to have lots of friends, affairs, maybe even followers and become a center of attention, you have all chances to succeed. Here’s what makes popular people popular.

1. Childhood

Popular people attract attention thanks to their unusual behavior, lifestyle and outlook. They often act like a child. It doesn`t mean that they`re irresponsible or naive, though. They just look at the world with a bit childish eyes and it lets them see what others miss. In short, we all have some set rules and laws of the world we gain gradually when growing up. These things narrow your attention. That`s why beginners luck. It`s not always necessary to clinch to some concepts if you want to widen your attention. Try to become different and others will start treating you differently too.

2. Fearlessness

A piece of childish nature that lives inside of every popular person brings lots of advantages and one of them is bravery. But it`s not about an ability to beat the living daylights out of three enemies at a time. They can easily do what they want without worrying about other people`s opinion, for instance. They`re never afraid of a possibility to be misunderstood and criticized. They can dare to try, take a chance and risk like children. In fact, every child`s deed can be dangerous as they never know what may happen. These tries and failures are called experience. Same goes to popular people. They get experience, no matter positive or negative one, and it makes them stronger, happier and more successful than other people. Therefore, they become the center of attention.

3. Social skills

Popularity is all about well developed social skills. When you`re popular, you almost always communicate with someone. Furthermore, popular people are completely different. They have different jobs, level of education, life principles, and they belong to different layers of society. If you want to be popular, talking to your best friend only isn`t an option. Practice speaking with everyone you find interesting and don`t push away those who try to talk to you.

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4. Nobleness

Even though knight times are gone, nobleness is still a valuable human`s trait that can make you more popular. Nobleness is a rarity these days. Help those who`re weaker, don`t hurt people and be a kind version of yourself. Feel free to help people in need. Love and take care of others and they`ll give you their gratefulness in return. Think about people and they`ll think about you too.

5. Beauty and health

You shouldn`t be Miss Universe to become popular. However, popular people take enough care of their health and beauty. It doesn`t mean that they spend hours in the gyms and beauty salons and purchase trendy outfits only. Although they have lots of tasks, duties and obligations, they manage to exercise, eat healthy, avoid stresses and get enough sleep to stay healthy and beautiful. This way, they are more happy and more willing to do whatever they like.

6. Strong spirit

Popular woman is the one who`s able to embrace any life change, mistake or difficulty no matter how hard it is. She`d never complain about the cruelty of this world because she rules her life all alone and knows it well. A popular women is popular because she differs from others. She doesn`t need any help. She is an independent woman with a super strong spirit. If you want to become popular, boost your spirit. Just believe in yourself and stop thinking that you are the most miserable woman in the world.

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7. Uniqueness

The last but not least thing that makes people popular is their uniqueness. Something new they bring to the world. It seems that every thing possible has already been invented but a mankind progresses every day. There`s always something you can give everyone. In order to do this, just try to feel comfortable in your own skin and remember that you have the full right to do whatever you want. Strive to do things that help reveal your true identity – your genuine uniqueness.

Popular people are really cool and if you think you can`t be one of them, you`re right. They are popular because they believe they can do it. Visualize the best version of yourself and see what you can do to become popular. Be positive, friendly and funny with other people. When you want to say something, do it no matter what it is. Don`t keep your personality deep inside. Let it come out and impress everyone. Do you strive to be more popular?