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7 Days to a Better You

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Among all the other things, the major difference between a human being and an animal is a desire to develop everything around us and ourselves as well. We always want more. While changing the world for better is a true challenge, and actually not obvious, you can always start changing your life for better from yourself. It seems to be hard because as our life experience shows, lots of people can`t manage to be the way they want to be. But if you really want to become a better version of you, you will need 7 days only.

Day 1: Ask the person in the mirror

The first day of your self-development week is all about looking at your life from a different angle. Imagine that you`re another person and try to think what your lifestyle is, what your deeds are and what character you have. Focus on your own person.

Do you know why most people don`t like to look in a mirror in the morning? It’s because you gradually start noticing many things you don`t like about yourself and no one wants to face those negative things. However, if you want to become better, be willing to do it. I`m not saying that you should literally watch your reflection in the mirror for the whole day. Just analyze your life and it`ll be a great start.

Day 2: The beginning of the end

Yesterday you were examining yourself and the way you live. You probably noticed something you`d like to change in that person. Today you should strive to accept all those personal flaws of yours. But it`s not all yet. You also need to think about how to change or get rid of your bad traits. If you feel that you`ve once hurt someone, it`s better to make apology to that person. Remember that you`re a jug. If you want it to be full of clear water, first of all you should spill out all the dirt out of it. Today will be the beginning of your bad side`s end.

Day 3: Start filling the jug

Well, now you know the dark side of yourself and it`s already a huge part of success. The third day will be a bit more difficult. You`re an empty jug now so why not fill it with kind deeds? There`s definitely someone who loves and helps you. Try to figure out what useful things you can do for those people. Make a coffee for your busy mother or help your younger brother with his homework. It`ll take you about five minutes only, but this way, you`ll start helping people around you and, of course, that help will make you a better person.

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Day 4: Scare everyone you see

This day will definitely change you. Have you ever been eager to do something crazy? Then today is a high time to do it. You probably think that I`ll advice you to try extreme sports or scream loudly on the roof of a skyscraper but you`re wrong. The thing you`ll do is much simpler yet extremely unusual. Just stand up from the chair, put on your favorite outfit and take a stroll around the city alone. The thing that`ll scare everyone will be your wide, shining smile. Yes, I`m not joking, try to smile non-stop to everyone you meet no matter whether you know that person or not. Such a behavior isn`t typical for modern society so you`ll definitely scare lots of people. Crossing these limits will help you become a more optimistic, confident and positive person.

Day 5: Start climbing up your mountain

Your way is the high mountain. Today you`ll decide what`ll be waiting for you on the top of it. Define your major life goals and priorities. It`s even better to write them down. Don`t do it in a rush because these things are highly important – they require your fixed attention and some effort. Think about what you want to have, what you`ll be happy with, what kind of person you are trying to become and what you wish people you love. Take a look at this list as often as possible and do anything possible to reach those goals every day of your life starting today.

Day 6: Dare to be happy

This day may seem to be the easiest one but it`s far from truth. Being happy is difficult in the place where everyone tries to make you feel miserable like it happens in a modern society. Ignore all those jeers you hear from “friendly” colleagues, smile when someone says you wouldn`t manage to succeed in something and don`t try to prove your right to those people. Whatever you should do for the sake of true pleasure – be it eating a chocolate cake, reading a book or visiting an amusement park, do that and believe you deserve to be happy. No one is able to spoil your mood. Relax and smile!

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Day 7: You died yesterday

It sounds strange and terrifying but imagine that you died yesterday. What would you feel then? That`s right you wouldn`t feel anything at all. You wouldn`t feel the smell of your favorite morning coffee and the beauty of those flowers would never touch the deepest corners of your heart again. You`d never rivet, raise your hand, smile to a child, say thank you, inhale the dust, jump over the pool under the rain. You just wouldn`t exist anymore if there`s no you today. Isn`t it a perfect reason to be grateful for everything you have? Remember that you never know when the end will come so better live a life you want, don`t be afraid to use the chances you encounter and spread positivity around you generously. The one who always remembers about the death is a truly grateful and happy person.

Become better in a week by following these simple steps. Don`t put the beginning of this week for tomorrow because you probably don`t want to be a worse version of yourself for several days more – there`s no need to make a fool of yourself. What made you decide to change something in your life?