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Happiness Is So Elusive Like a Butterfly

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Happiness has always been the most significant aim for every person. Even today people puzzle their brains over the problem on how to reach and maintain happiness, because they cannot imagine their life without it. Unfortunately, we often move towards hedonistic happiness that consists of material benefits and social status. When people face various life difficulties, they lose faith in their abilities and become unsatisfied with their life. I think that every person has certain potentialities and aptitudes. If someone is a talented writer, they’ll find it difficult to become an extremely professional doctor.

The statistics show that millions of people dedicated their life and energy to the pursuit of happiness. Many of them had reached their goals, but later they realized that those achievements had nothing in common with happiness. They felt only a surge of complacency and pride. Those who stay inactive, waiting for the world to become more favorable, will never achieve happiness, because issues are an indispensable part of reality. The time flies very quickly. Refuse to follow this path if you don’t want to regret about lost time and opportunities later. Human beings are the creatures that always need more and more. They’re ready to go to the very ends of the Earth and sacrifice everything for the sake of happiness. I believe that true happiness exists. Before we start the race, we should reflect on this point and realize what happiness is for us. It’s easier to reach the aim, when you already know what you want.

1. You can lose the true happiness

In the pursuit of happiness we often become harsh and blind to everything we already have. For many years, you may not realize that the true happiness is your friendship or love that you share with another person. If you fling your aims and affairs, the wall between you and your dearest and nearest will grow at a fast pace. One nasty day, you may understand that there’s a huge gap between you and your love. You can quickly lose respect and mutual understanding, which are so important in the life of every family. Don’t let your ambitions and crazy desires to build a successful career make you miserable and lonely.

Happiness is not only about having lots of money or the feeling of greatness. It’s just the inner state of your soul. Old and wise people say that the biggest miracle and happiness in this life is a healthy family. I do completely agree to this point of view. I know that family will never betray. Only your indifference and lack of respect can fill their hearts with pain and be the main reason of a bad relationship.

2. Be ready to face your dreams

Almost everyone thinks that they’re made for happiness and they deserve the best. But are you ready to make a right decision and take the responsibility for everything you want to get? People are so afraid of changes that they’re not glad to accept their dreams. I’ve noticed that many desirable things usually happen either suddenly or when you don’t need them at all. It’s been proved that a lot of people from all over the world are afraid of being happy, because they believe that misfortune will always follow this happiness. Moreover, they do their best to hide this miracle from the eyes of people around them. The only exception is American people who think that being happy and prosperous is a normal thing.

Without a doubt, this is a completely psychological problem. People yearn to become happy, but cannot accept it due to the influence of annoying fears and uncertainty. This cognitive dissonance can develop into a big problem, if you don’t realize that happiness is not a deceit or trap. People fear to have no aim or dream when they already get everything they want. These aims serve as an engine that gives motivation to live, struggle and strive for something. In any case, this fear is just an emotion that leads people up the garden. Get rid of it and you’ll be emotionally ready to face and reach your happiness.

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3. Others won’t make you happy

Even if others want, they won’t make you happy. They can support you both morally and financially, but remain unable to bring you this magic feeling. Only pure love and frank friendship can exert big positive influence on your life. People, who’re sitting around twiddling their thumbs, have fewer chances to succeed in something. Your desire to win the race is not enough. Without concrete actions your dreams will never move off dead center. If you ask the God for help, don’t forget to do something. It will give him an opportunity to help you.

Don’t allow other people to manage your life according to their own expectations. In such a case, you’ll lose control of your life. Everyone is interested in their dreams and perspectives only. You should know that every person is the architect of their own fortune. If you don’t know what is happiness for you, then talk to an old and wise person. I’m sure they’ll give you a valuable advice and help you understand what you want to have or get.

Make an empowering vision board and you’ll get a daily portion of inspiration and motivation. For every woman the birth of a child is the biggest happiness of life. If you also think so, then do your best to attract this miracle into your life.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

It’s almost impossible to live happily if you don’t know when enough is enough. If you work a lot, you have no time to be happy, but if you don’t work, you have no money to buy everything you need. It can also make people feel unhappy. What’s the best way out of this trap? By all means, you should try to strike a happy medium. When you learn to keep balance between work and personal life, you’ll be able to perceive happiness.

It often happens that you pull the devil by the tail and cannot achieve a positive result. There’s no need to blame yourself or others in your life failures. Problems and difficulties will always make barriers on your way to success. If you have a strong character, try to take it to advantage and use the power of your mind efficiently. Develop a winner’s mindset and try to be more patient and wiser. Without these qualities, human beings become weak and too nervous.

5. Life is given to enjoy it

Hey people, don’t be so serious! Open your eyes and look around to see the charming beauty and things you’ve never noticed before. The pursuit of happiness makes you forget about everything and lead a fast life, wasting the best years of your life only on work and constant problems. What about love, family, travelling? They’re an essential part of a happy life. Without personal life and appropriate development, people may become financially rich, but emotionally poor. Don’t look for happiness, because your interests, hobbies and communication with friends are everything you need. Fill your life with adventures, positive emotions and you’ll become the happiest person in this world. Plus, you should learn to rejoice and look at life with humor.

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Happiness can be compared to a butterfly. The more you try to catch it, the fewer chances you’ll have to achieve it. Happiness cannot be bought in the store; it can only be created in your mind. It has many faces, because the values and preferences of people from all over the world are absolutely different. Create your own happiness and share it with your dearest and nearest. What is happiness for you? Have you ever faced your happiness? We would like to know your point of view!