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7 Ways to Release Fear and Live a Happy Life

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Fear is absolutely natural and necessary feeling, which is connected to self-preservation and survival instinct and which helps us to stay away from danger. Fear may be different. People are afraid of height, darkness or poisonous snakes since it’s highly dangerous for their health and physical well-being. However, most of our fears are ungrounded and phantom such as the fear of loneliness, the fear of losing your job or beloved or whatever else. People are afraid to the point that fear controls their behavior and determines their life. Fear has a strong destructive impact on our physical and mental health. You see that fear isn’t the best companion to live with, right? Read on to learn 7 efficient ways to release fear and live a happy life.

1. Stop being afraid if you cannot control things

It’s a golden rule of a peaceful mind: if you cannot control things, relax. What’s the use of being afraid if nothing depends on your efforts? I don’t mean you should let things drift; just keep calm if you have no possibility to rule the situation. On the contrary, if you can control the situation, you shouldn’t worry at all. Are you afraid to lose your job or to fail as a wife? Don’t fill your head with this stuff, just do your best and see what will happen. Remember that fear is very contagious, thus it can ruin not only your life, but life of your close people as well.

2. Don’t think about the worst scenario

That’s easier said than done since it’s our natural inclination to imagine the worst that may happen. It’s exactly so with my mom. When I cannot answer her call for a long time, she starts thinking that I’ve been robbed, injured, offended or even that I’m dead. But she never thinks that I’m taking a shower or don’t hear my phone because of the vacuum cleaner. Since these are very annoying situations, they are rather bright examples of how anxious people may be for no reason. Instead of thinking about the worst scenario, try to analyze facts and be realistic.

3. Analyze your painful experience and memories

This is another cause of fear that prevents people from moving forward. Because of the unsuccessful experience, painful memories and failures, people are afraid to try something again. I’ve heard many times that you should forget your past and face your fears with courage. But how can you forget anything that tortures you and spoils your life? Don’t put your memories on the margins of your mind; try to use them wisely instead. I suggest that you analyze your memories and experience and understand the real cause of your fears. When you figure out your fears, they won’t be so strong.

4. Become the master of your thoughts and emotions

Sometimes the feeling of fear is caused by anger, judgment, envy or sadness. Being negative is easier than being positive. However, don’t let you negative emotions flourish and feed your fear. When you feel that you’re becoming overwhelmed with some of these emotions, try to switch your attention to something more pleasant. Think about delightful people, recollect heartwarming moments or just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. This will help you to calm down, gain peace of mind and release your fears.

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5. Do something you’re afraid of

You can run away from your fears for a long time, but sooner or later you’ll have to face them. The best way to get rid of your fears is to face them and overcome them. In most cases our fears are greatly exaggerated and have nothing in common with reality. When I went to high school I was in love with my classmate. He was very popular with girls, so confident and attractive that I nearly fainted each time he passed by. I was sure I had no chances, but once I ventured to talk to him. He appeared to be a very pleasant and decent guy, now we’re best friends. I believe that you’re nearly always stronger than your fears.

6. Talk to a trustworthy person

Sometimes you need a good talk to vent your suppressed fears and feelings. People are often ashamed to speak about something that scares them. Fears demonstrate your weaknesses, sore point and failures; they expose your soul and make you literally unprotected. Think about the person you can trust and ask him or her to have a talk with you. Chances are you reconsider your feelings while talking about them. If not, be sure that your friend will always find some kind words to encourage you or give a worthwhile piece of advice.

7. Make use of your fears

The only thing that cannot be cured is death, everything else can be changed as long as you’re alive. So don’t throw your hands up, view your fears and challenges as important elements of your personal growth and improvement. Remember that everything is temporary in your life, either your happiness or your fears. Your worries will change nothing, whereas courage and persistence will help you work your way up and be a better person. Try to realize that each time you overcome your fear you make a little step forward.

It’s known that overwhelming fear is likely to poison your life and lives of your nearest and dearest. If you have never faced your fears, you may find it highly challenging and even impossible to get rid of this feeling. Instead of being happy you waste this time on your fears. But life is short, so it’s time to pull yourself together and release your fears to live a better life. What are your fears? Let’s overcome them together!