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10 Rules to Follow If You Want to Be Happy

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

We often take happiness for granted, but we never consider happiness as a result of hard work and right habits. To be happy we should do hard things that we always try to avoid. Happy people will tell you that they stepped out of their comfort zone and started doing things that others found difficult, silly or senseless.

The approach ‘I would be happy if…’ is utterly wrong since you can learn to be happy right then and there without any conditions. Here are a few crucial rules to follow if you want to become a happier person.

1. Cultivate gratitude

In pursuit of a better life we forget to appreciate what we have now. But happiness is not about what you have, it’s about your attitude to what you have. It’s undeniable fact that some people are optimistic and pessimistic from birth.

However, even the most pessimistic individuals can adopt the attitude of gratitude. It’s really easy to practice gratitude daily. Every morning when I wake up, I’m thankful for my life, family, health and chances this day offers.

2. Do good deeds

When you give, you receive tenfold. Try to forget about receiving and just give, though. When you devote your time, attention and concern to other people, you feel nothing but fulfillment and contentment.

You might be surprised, but it’s a universal law. People don’t need the reason to help each other, since we all live in a society and we should care for people and animals around us.

3. Cultivate positive thinking

Bad thoughts take control of our mind and imprison us and we are often hurt only due to our negative thinking.

Positive thinking is about seeing the glass as half full. However, not everyone can accept positive thinking as many don’t believe in its effectiveness and expediency.

I’ve met a lot of people who scoffed at my positive attitude to life. Just because I notice the better side of life doesn’t mean I ignore problems and difficulties. It means that I expect positive outcome and I anticipate success and happiness.

4. Invest in your life

You are the only one responsible for your life that’s why you should start investing in yourself from this moment.

Improve your education and self-education, take care of your health and diet, and exercise regularly. Good physical shape is a pledge of mental health, emotional balance and happiness.

Reconsider your daily routine and take enough time to sleep, enjoy your hobbies and spend time outside. When you develop yourself, you become a better and a happier person.

5. Appreciate your mistakes and failures

Past failures and mistakes are the best teachers. Strong and successful people always learn the hard way and they never regret their failures since our mistakes give us strength and experience.

A person who falls and gets up is much more determined and stronger than a person who’s never failed. I became the person who I am now due to my bad experiences, but not victories.

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6. Free yourself from other people’s opinions

Other people’s opinion is definitely important, but it should not determine your life and choices. You cannot please everyone, it’s just impossible and senseless. We have only one life and we should live it in sync with our feelings and preferences.

I was always concerned about what people would think about my appearance and behavior, friends and career. But the fact is that your family members are the only people whose opinion really matters. Other people’s judgments are nothing but an empty talk.

7. Spend time with family and friends

I always took my family and friends for granted, even though they were the most important people in my life. Nothing can substitute those precious moments spent together in the family circle with long heart-to-heart talks and jokes.

I’ve become very careful with criticism and I’ve realized the importance of kind words and actions. I’m happy only due to the fact that I have a great family and good friends.

8. Learn to forgive and let go

Forgiveness shouldn’t be confused with acceptance, and kindness shouldn’t be confused with weakness. They say that only strong people can forgive. Strong people understand that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Blind hatred and resentment are the burden that prevents us from being focused on the present. Try to realize that the past cannot be changed and life goes on. You should forgive for your own sake and happiness and not for the sake of your offenders.

9. Don’t sacrifice your family and friends for career

Success, great career and achievements almost always mean a sacrifice. If your family is not your priority, chances are you wouldn’t be happy with your achievements.

Our need to share some moments with our kinsfolk and friends is essential and indispensable. When you are busy with your career, however, you can miss your children’s childhood years, have no time to celebrate holidays and birthdays or you can even fail your relationship. What’s the use of your wealth if you have nobody to share it with?

10. Set your life goals and pursue them

A purpose is a thing that makes you fall asleep with hope and get up with inspiration and resolution.

I always spend a considerable amount of time distinguishing my long term, midterm and short term goals. Making a life plan is a difficult thing, but it enables me to recognize my true desires and needs. When I see what I want from my life, I see the key to happiness and contentment.

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You can’t become a happy person overnight. Happiness is something you should nourish and cultivate. Happiness is not about being born beautiful or rich. It’s all about your choice and hard work. Follow these go-to ideas and learn how to be happy. Are you a happy person?