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10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Catalina 6 months ago - in Shopping

Shopping for winter clothes can be a drag compared to picking out cute summer dresses and sexy swimwear. Your winter wardrobe needs to be sturdy enough to keep out the rain and wind, especially if you live in a cold climate. The following wardrobe essentials are both practical and elegant and will get you through the coldest months without compromising on style.

1. Waterproof Jacket

Forget the plastic, noisy jackets your parents forced you to wear as a child. Waterproof jackets now come in a range of fabrics and styles to suit every figure. Macs are a timeless option and are ideal for the workplace or a night out. A thick, quilted parka jacket will also keep you warm and dry. While choosing a waterproof jacket pay special attention to the hood, adjustable cuffs and hem and waterproof zips. You should also consider the length of the jacket. It should be long enough to cover your back and hips even when you lift your hands.

2. Boots

Winter boots are essential to brave the elements during the cold season. Two pairs of boots are ideal if your budget allows it. Opt for one pair of simple, black boots for work, formal events or special occasions. You will also need a more comfortable pair for those long shopping trips and collecting the kids from school. Footwear is an important complement to a woman’s outfit, therefore it’s important to balance comfort, fashion and function even when it comes to winter boots. Depending on the purpose and weather conditions of your living area you can choose between work boots, pac boots, hiking boots or a pair of stylish boots for around town use.

3. Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Unless you have a figure like Kate Moss, it is advisable to go for a pair of dark, bootcut jeans that are slightly elasticated and will flatter your body rather than draw attention to any lumps and bumps. It’s desirable that your pair of winter jeans has a lining since denim itself isn’t the best fabric for low temperatures. Opt for jeans with flannel or polar fleece lining; they shouldn’t be waterproof, but they have to be sturdy enough to keep you warm even during a snowy, frosty weather.

4. Scarf

A thick woollen scarf will keep out the biting cold and adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. A cashmere snood is also a popular choice for wrapping up in winter. Many designers offer matching hats and gloves to coordinate your look. When choosing a winter scarf, opt for thick fabrics like wool or cotton instead of silk. Knitted garments will also provide you with a high level of comfort and insulation. You can easily jazz up a dark winter clothes with a vibrant scarf that is tied in an interesting way. Learn several ways to tie a scarf to stay warm and chic during this winter.

5. Chunky Sweater

A chunky sweater will become your best friend during the winter, so try to purchase as many as you can in different colours and cuts. While choosing a winter sweater you should stay away from synthetics in favor of all natural fabrics. If you have a curvy figure, avoid loose cuts and go for a fitted style. Simple, cable knit sweaters can be purchased relatively cheaply from high street stores, or you could splurge on a luxury design in cashmere or mohair.

6. Gloves

Gloves are usually one of the most overlooked items in a women’s wardrobe as many people simply do not take the time to research all the available options. However, an appropriate pair of winter mittens or gloves will keep your hands protected and toasty. You should find the gloves that will fit you perfectly, since too loose or too tight gloves will impair a normal blood circulation or just won’t keep your hands warm. Choose from cropped riding gloves, knitted mittens, long leather gloves, muffs or gauntlets. Black leather gloves are ideal for formal occasions.

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7. Wool Coat

A thick wool coat is another go-to item that will get plenty of use in the winter months. Rather than opt for black, why not try a double-breasted camel trench? Pea coats in bright colours or plaid designs are also stylish options. Unlike waterproof jackets, wool coats with a shaped waist usually create a more sophisticated, flattering look. However, coats also require wearing more layers of clothing including sweaters and shirts. Knee length coats are classy and they suit almost all body types. Wearing a knee length coat is the best way to add a couple of inches to your height and elongate your overall silhouette.

8. Leather Handbag

A good quality leather handbag is essential to keep your things dry during torrential downpours. Leather bags are much more durable, easier to clean and care, and they go well with any style of clothes. A satchel bag is a good option as it can be carried over the shoulder or slung over one arm. Oversized bags are really popular as you have the added bonus of being able to carry an extra sweater inside it for those cold nights. However, oversized bags are also bulkier, heavier and less comfortable to carry, especially on icy and snowy roads in winter.

9. Cardigan

A thick wraparound cardigan is perfect for layering and is excellent for creating an hourglass figure. Today cardigans come in numerous styles and cuts including hooded cardigans, crocheted cardigans and traditional cardigans with snowflakes and reindeer. Cashmere or wool are great fabrics and will keep you warm throughout the day. For a more modern look, a waterfall or batwing cardigan is an attractive option. Cardigans are an integral part of my winter wardrobe, since they create a very feminine look and they are easy to put on and off without spoiling my makeup or hairdo. Cardigans are very versatile; you can wear them instead of a jacket or with a dress or blouse. A knit cardigan paired with jeans creates a great combo for weekends.

10. Black Trousers

Every woman needs a pair of simple black trousers that can be worn for almost any occasion. Black trousers go perfectly with any clothes and they help to hide all the imperfections of your legs. Try to find a thick material such as wool for the winter that can be worn over tights to keep you extra warm. Leather trousers are a good option for the fashion-forward, but make sure they are lined to avoid sweating. Mat or lacquered leather trousers with creases are the latest trend of this winter. High waist trousers are essential to keep your low back warm during cold winter months.

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Always purchase the very best quality that your budget allows when shopping for wardrobe staples as you will come to depend on these key pieces to create hundreds of different looks. Spend time scouring the high street and online retailers to find the best bargains available. By mixing and matching your items and adding a few accessories, you will never be stuck for something to wear in the winter months again. What are your winter wardrobe staples?