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10 Breathtaking Street Style Looks from Jessica Alba

Catalina 6 months ago - in Entertainment

Jessica Alba has long been considered one of the prettiest actresses of all time. Even after giving birth to two baby girls, the thirty-three year-old celebrity continually wows onlookers with her stunning good looks and near perfect sense of style. Her fashion choices are often edgy yet sophisticated, simple yet bold, and always reflect some facet of her bubbly personality. Below are ten of Jessica Alba’s absolute best street style looks you will definitely like.

1. Burgundy Blazer, Plaid Shirt, Leopard Print Shoes

Photo: mydaily.co.uk

Jessica Alba’s sense of fashion is relentlessly on point. Even when she chooses to go with something completely comfortable, she looks stunning. I love her burgundy blazer with plaid shirt, not to mention that elegant blue hat. The most interesting part of her ensemble is her leopard print shoes. Aren’t they cute?