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10 Breathtaking Street Style Looks from Jessica Alba

Catalina 6 months ago - in Entertainment

Jessica Alba has long been considered one of the prettiest actresses of all time. Even after giving birth to two baby girls, the thirty-three year-old celebrity continually wows onlookers with her stunning good looks and near perfect sense of style. Her fashion choices are often edgy yet sophisticated, simple yet bold, and always reflect some facet of her bubbly personality. Below are ten of Jessica Alba’s absolute best street style looks you will definitely like.

1. Burgundy Blazer, Plaid Shirt, Leopard Print Shoes

Photo: mydaily.co.uk

Jessica Alba’s sense of fashion is relentlessly on point. Even when she chooses to go with something completely comfortable, she looks stunning. I love her burgundy blazer with plaid shirt, not to mention that elegant blue hat. The most interesting part of her ensemble is her leopard print shoes. Aren’t they cute?

2. Chic Navy Blazer, Flared Jeans, Patterned Blouse, Wedges

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

You don’t see flared jeans too often these days, but Jessica Alba doesn’t care. She has a keen eye for the 70s style and effortlessly matched flared jeans along with a chic navy blazer on top of a patterned white and blue blouse. The look was a definite blast from the past mixed with modern day smartness.

3. White Tank Top, Denim Skirt, Lace-Up Heels

Photo: popsugar.com

Jessica Alba is just one of those people that can bend the rules of fashion however they wish. The popular celebrity was recently seen wearing a blue denim skirt with a pair of gray denim lace-up heels. The look was complimented with a cutesy white tank top and a handbag.

4. Black Blazer, White Tee Shirt, Leopard Print Bag

Photo: primerafila.com.ar

Staying comfortable yet stylish is a challenge. Jessica Alba pulls it off flawlessly by matching black blazer, white tee shirt with blue jeans. The edgy look was finished off with a unique leopard print bag.

5. Black Leather Jacket, Black Blouse, Black Skirt, Black Tights

Photo: zimbio.com

Jessica Alba sure knows how to spice up a simple look. By pairing a black leather jacket with a black blouse, black shirt, and black tights, she gave an otherwise plain outfit a dash of edge. She is often seen sporting such “statement” jackets.

6. Blue and White Leopard Print Blazer, Semi-Sheer White Top, Black Skinny Jeans, Blue Heels

Photo: lovelydcanke.blogspot.com

Leopard print is making a comeback. Jessica Alba was recently seen in her own leopard print getup, although this one was subdued and the leopard print jacket she was wearing was spotted in blue and white. She paired the statement jacket with a semi-sheer white top tucked into high-waisted black skinny jeans. However, what really made the outfit pop was her velvet blue heels.

7. Floral Red Frock

Photo: starstyle.com

Jessica Alba is normally seen wearing casual and comfortable clothes. Yet sometimes the star likes to up her street style game in the elegance category. One of her favorite outfits to wear when this is the case is her floral red flock. The gown has ruffled red sleeves and black panel detailing.

8. Black and White-Striped Crop Top Tank Top, Orange Skirt

Photo: jetsetdc.com

Though she usually opted for a subdued look when she hits the streets, Jessica Alba occasionally likes to put on an outfit that you just can’t miss. A bright orange hip-hugging skirt and a black and white-striped tank top fit the bill perfectly. The tank top was even a crop top, which showed off her slim and toned midriff.

9. Olive Military Jacket, Black Tee Shirt, Blue Jeans, Black Sandals, Wide Brimmed Felt Hat

Photo: glamourmagazine.co.uk

A different city than normal often warrants a different type of outfit. While on a trip to New York City recently, the L.A.-based Jessica Alba ditched floral dresses in favor of an olive military jacket worn with blue jeans and black sandals. Underneath the open front of the jacket she wore a black tee shirt embroidered with rhinestones. A wide brimmed felt hat (in the “Indiana Jones” style) topped the look off.

10. White Leather Jacket, White Tee Shirt, Blue Jeans, White Flats

Photo: lavillerose.unblog.fr

There is just something about Jessica Alba’s street style that is just so effortless. She was recently seen in Los Angeles wearing a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and white flats with her ever-popular white leather jacket.

It is hard to deny that Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is also a talented actress with a killer sense of fashion. What’s your favorite street style look from Jessica Alba?