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10 Celebrities Who Have Been Married More Than Once

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Not many celebrities have married as often as Zsa Zsa Gabor. The star, whose dazzling catchphrase is still remembered and mimicked, took 9 walks down the aisle – a Hollywood record not even equaled by Elizabeth Taylor. The humorous Zsa Zsa quote that goes, “I believe in large families: every woman should have at least three husbands” is well-known. While the extent to which Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elizabeth Taylor pursued love may be slightly over the top, not giving up on love and marriage is huge in show business.

1. Phil Collins

Photo: Hans Splinter

Pop/rock superstar Phil Collins has married 4 times and divorced 3 times. According to a Daily Mail report, Phil Collins’ divorces cost him 42 million pounds. After being married four times Collins has 4 children: Simon, Joely, Matthew and Nicholas. Collins confessed he thought of a suicide after his 3rd divorce but the thought of leaving his kids stopped him.

Yet, Collins remains a believer in the beauty of marriage. His famous quote on marriage: “Marriage is a difficult proposition, but I haven’t given up on it,” shows how much of a hopeless romantic the star is. The funniest thing is that Collins truly believes in big families. Once he said that big families are beautiful and every woman should have at least three husbands. His breakups did help his art, though. According to the Billboard Book of Number One Hits, his broken relationships were his main inspiration for his early hits.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Steve Bott

Talented singer and actress Jennifer Lopez may have the love of her fans worldwide to rely on, but her love life has been somewhat uneven. She’s been married and divorced 3 times with her longest marriage to singer Marc Anthony (from 2004 to 2014). Recently there have been lots of rumors about her possible love affair with Bradley Cooper, though Jennifer isn’t going to share any details.

Now her two kids, Emme and Max, are her first priority and the reason for keeping her love life private. Jennifer refrains from any commentary about her love affairs. Despite all the love failures and misfortunes, Jennifer doesn’t stop believing in true love: “I remain an eternal optimist about love, sometimes it doesn’t work, and that’s sad. But I believe in love.”

3. Martin Scorsese

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In interviews, Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese has said that, for most of his life, he had a curious problem when it came to finding true love. Since he suffered from extreme lack of confidence in himself in romantic situations, he always worried that women could only like him for his celebrity status and not for himself. Martin Scorsese married his current wife Helen Morris in 1999. The 4 marriages that preceded it were short-lived.

Martin and Helen have a beautiful daughter, Francesca, who appeared in The Aviator and The Departed. This summer Helen and Martin celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and their marriage seems to be happy and simply ideal.

4. Barbara Walters

Photo: guardianlv.com

Television personality Barbara Walters once said in an interview in the New York Times that she saw no reason to stay in a marriage if it wasn’t satisfying. She always had a way out, she says – her life, job and money. Walter has been true to the idea, too. She has been divorced 4 times: 2 of those times from the same man. Barbara was quite desperate for a child, and since she couldn’t have children, she and her then-husband, Lee Guber, decided to adopt a girl, Jacqueline.

She admits, however, that her job occupies too much space in her life and now she regrets of having spent so little time with her daughter, Jackie. Barbara considers herself to be a difficult person to be married to since she has always put her career first. She says that the necessity to choose between career and marriage is a life-long problem of modern women. But she has always emphasized that she was alone, not lonely.

5. Billy Bob Thornton

Photo: kubacheck

The last time Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton got married was in 2003. That marriage lasts to this day. Earlier in 2003, though, his 3-year marriage to Angelina Jolie ended in divorce. He was in three 2-year marriages and in one 4-year marriage prior to that. Sadly, if his current marriage doesn’t work out, Thornton says he’ll never marry again.

When Thornton, his wife and their daughter pose for photographers they look a happy family, even though many times he was noticed strolling with mysterious “girlfriends”. Perhaps, that’s the reason of all his failures and love misfortunes. Thornton never admitted that he was a bad husband but the number of his divorces means he was hardly good too.

6. Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 3 times. Her marriage counter stands at 4, with her last one ending in 2008. Her third husband was rock star Billy Joel. She is said to have a great friendship with him now.

Brinkley split up with her spouses for various reasons such as financial issues, rumors about love affairs, and lack of attention. She was never afraid or discomfort to comment on her marriages and relationships and she gave numerous interviews on this topic. Recently she has said in her interview that she still believes in true love though she doubts if it will ever come to her.

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7. Larry King

Photo: Edward Headington

The world famous talkshow host on CNN has been married 8 times and divorced seven. King did file for divorce from his eighth wife in 2010 for reasons of irreconcilable differences. Somehow, both parties withdrew their petitions. They are still together. His current wife, Shawn Southwick, is 26 years younger than 80-year old television host. Even though each of his previous marriages was extremely short-lived, this one has been lasting for already 16 years and the couple seems to have strong bonds of love.

Once Larry King said, “I don’t think I’m suited to marriage. Sometimes I worry I’m too selfish to have a relationship. I think I’m going to be sleeping alone for a while, a long while.” Larry King has 6 children and he considers himself to be a good dad.

8. Demi Moore

Photo: David Shankbone

Demi Moore has been married three times, her most recent marriage becoming famous worldwide for the age difference involved – her husband, Ashton Kutcher, was 16 years younger than her. Sadly, all three marriages ended in divorce. Demi Moore has three children, Rumer, Scout LaRue and Tullulahhad, with her ex-husband Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, their marriage collapsed and both of them avoided giving any reason for their break up. Willis just stated once that he failed to be a good father to their children. After her failed marriages, Demi Moore dated several other men, but the relationships didn’t last. In 2014, though, the actress began dating again. The relationship could go places.

9. James Cameron

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

The creator of Avatar, The Terminator and Aliens experienced his most expensive divorce when he and his fourth wife Linda Hamilton (who played Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies) parted ways in 1999. The director has had 4 other marriages. His most recent marriage has been to Suzy Amis, the actress who appeared in Titanic as Rose’s granddaughter. Their marriage has been going strong since 1999.

Cameron was often blamed for being career-driven workaholic and ignorant about real family life. Marriage with Suzy Amis seems to last forever since Suzy is a real keeper of their relationship. The couple welcomed three kids and now Cameron has 5 children.

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10. Charlie Chaplin

Photo: Charles Caine

Charlie Chaplin, the lovable tramp, married a lot. His first, which was in 1918, lasted only 2 years. The parting was an acrimonious one. After that came a 3-year marriage to Lita Grey, the leading lady in The Great Dictator and Modern Times, and lasted 6 years. His last marriage was somewhat controversial – at 53, he married 18-year-old Oona Neil. This marriage lasted, though. The couple had 8 children. Perhaps, Chaplin was fond of pretty young girls, but his last marriage proved that he had just been looking for a true happiness.

For some reason, celebrities seem to go through multiple marriages with far greater frequency than regular people. It’s to be expected, though. They simply have the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people. Do you know some other celebs who have been married more than once?