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3 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Family

You can buy many nice things as gifts for Mother’s Day. They can be expensive or inexpensive – the price is not what makes a gift special, but you sure know what does – creating it yourself. So, if you don’t have time for shopping, or if your mother insists you shouldn’t buy her anything, make something special on your own.

Some of us are better at DIY projects than others, some think they don’t have the necessary skills, and some never know until they try. If you believe you belong to the last two groups, you should definitely try and you might be surprised!

It doesn’t have to be something complicated, or something requiring you to look for stores that sell arts and crafts supplies only to find yourself lost among lots of bottles and tools. Have you ever wondered if there’s something so easy anyone can do it? Here are a few ideas you can try with your little ones.


You know what windflowers are, but handflowers are a different kind – the ones that were created by loving hands, the most special and long-lasting flowers you can give someone. Handflowers are so simple and so great-looking that kids scream with delight when creating them! The most amazing thing is that adults feel like doing the same if they think they could never paint anything that looks like flowers.

All it takes is dipping the lower part of your palm in gouache poured into a plastic dish or tray, and leaving prints on paper. This is great fun for anyone, not just kids, but if you are uncertain about trying, get some kids for company – they will be very enthusiastic and encouraging!

With these flowers, you can use cotton swabs for color accents, and your fingers to leave traces that look like leaves. I don’t know why kids love these two kinds of tools for painting so much, but I agree that they often work much better than brushes.

Pressing sticky paint to paper creates streaks and nuances of color as well as textures which are unique and quite unpredictable, but look very natural and varied. No identical flowers will be produced, as it often happens when you use the same brush and the same technique. Besides, not only you don’t need any painting brushes – you can also skip the paper, blotting these lovely flowers onto glass or mirrors for a holiday decoration or a special surprise, double the fun for everyone!

Gouache will wash off with water or regular window cleaners. Still, paper probably works the best, and you can also get even better results if you buy a sketching or a watercolor pad found among school supplies in shops or supermarkets. This kind of paper is thicker and has a coarser texture.

Sets of bigger-sized sheets of paper marked as “watercolor” are also often sold there – you might want some of those, as the bigger the hand, the bigger are the flowers. However, you can ask your child to lend you a hand (literally!) that you will use as a painting tool to vary the size of the flowers.