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8 Fabulous ‘Me Time’ Activities for Extroverts

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

People are like chalk and cheese. Some enjoy alone time, while others are afraid to stay alone. If you`re an extrovert and being apart from people is a real disaster for you, there`s no need to avoid loneliness like a plague. There are a few activities that will keep you entertained during a long-last alone time. Actually, modern society doesn`t let those who don`t like to spend time with other people enjoy it for long. Today’s world is all about well-developed communication, especially if you live in a big city. Extroverts have trouble coping with unexpected alone time. It’s like an unexpected party for an introvert. If you are trying to handle being alone, here are some of the best ‘me time’ activities to try out.

1. Improve your life with music

Music makes our lives better. Of course, you can listen to your favorite songs with your friends, or whoever else, but listening to music alone is a completely different thing. We mostly enjoy the melody and the rhythm of song but when there`s no one around, you may freely focus on the sense of its words. Your favorite songs may say lots of valuable things that you usually miss when chatting with friends.

2. Educate yourself

Self-education doesn`t mean that you should read piles of dull scientific books to get high grades. You definitely have some interests and hobbies so why not find out the latest news about the world of your interest? Always try to look for the ways to become better in knitting, yoga, art, cooking or whatever you like doing for the sake of pleasure, especially when there`s no one who`d interfere with your fixed attention.

3. Daydream

Daydream whenever you have a minute free from the noisy crowd. Dreams help us stay positive, optimistic and hopeful in life. Our dreams are partially what we live for so try to make them more colorful and really big. The bigger your dream, the more successful result you get. Visualize everything you want to have in more details. Visualization is the sister of materialization so imagine happier pictures in mind and live a happier life.

4. Invent

I know what you`re going to say – I`m not an inventor. It`s far from truth because everyone has some skills and talents. I`m not talking about the inventing of an engine system for space shuttles. It may be your own new salad recipe, if you like running around the kitchen. Or, inventing a unique dress if designing clothes is your hobby. Anything you create that didn`t exist earlier is your personal invention and it`s a great way to become more creative and spend time alone usefully as well.

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5. Explore your inner self

When extroverts stay alone, they start feeling sad, anxious and depressed. Going deep into meditation is one of the best ways to relax and combat anxiety. Your body and mind are free from all external factors. Meditation helps you explore yourself better in peace and quiet. You`re actually not alone because your thoughts never leave you but thanks to meditative practices you can take control over yourself and your life. Think about your goals and the ways to reach them faster, consider your lifestyle and point out the mistakes and the avenue of escape from them. Meditating once a week or two helps avoid mental disorders and emotional instability.

6. Enjoy the nature

How often do you pay attention to the beauty of the world you live in? If it happens so that there`s a chance to visit some park, forest or riverside, don`t be lazy to do that even all alone. Try to enjoy the nature around, listen to the birds` singing and satisfy your eyes with some wonderful flowers. It`s also great to meditate nearby the reservoir to be in harmony with Mother Nature. Don`t be blind like a mole that can`t see amazingly exciting landscapes that surround us.

7. Shopping quest

Going shopping alone isn`t less cool than with your best friend. You can go anywhere and spend as much time in your favorite store as you want. There`s no need to wait for anyone and you`re just free to do anything you`ve always wanted. You don`t have to express an appreciation of the dress your friend is going to buy. Shopping alone is also a healthy way to prevent depression. The new stuff you buy helps your brain allocate the hormones of happiness, endorphins, so you feel much better after making purchases.

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8. Make a surprise for someone you love

If you`re home alone, it means you have a perfect chance to make a surprise for your partner, friend or family. While introverts are happy to stay home alone, extroverts don’t know where to run to find someone to spend time with. Hold on! There are plenty of DIY projects out there that you can try. Create some fun and useful things for people you love to banish anxiety and enjoy crafting at the same time.

Believe it or not, extroverts can enjoy some ‘me time’ too. Even though your life is mostly social, it doesn`t mean there`s nothing to do without other people. Don`t waste time watching TV all days long. Find new useful activities, think about your life, create and relax to become more successful and happy in life. This way you`ll find further communication with people more interesting because you`ll develop yourself and have some fresh impressions to share with them. What other ‘me time’ activities for extroverts do you know?