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Feeling Down? Go Shopping to Feel Happier Again

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Shopping

Sometimes we feel like there`s nothing else in this world that can make us smile again. We just want to disappear and stop seeing all those problems and difficulties anymore. Women are especially sensitive when they can’t cope with boyfriend drama. What can be a cure for these heart-breaking times? Sweets? You`ll hate yourself tomorrow because those extra pounds won`t make you happy. Walking alone? You may plunge even deeper into depression. One of the most effective solutions to your problem is shopping and if you don`t believe it, here are a few benefits of shopping when you feel depressed.

1. It gives you positive vibrations

You may wonder how shopping can give any vibrations at all? But it can. You walk, see various goods and meet different people at the same time. They are unlikely to feel depressed thus they smile and spread positivity. No matter you want it or not, you start catching those positive vibes and smiling as well. You will also communicate with shop-assistants and being positive and smiling are their duty. Therefore, people you meet and nice emotions you gain from them make you feel much better.

2. It makes you happy

Shopping makes us happy and we all know it. Every girl loves shopping no matter how old she is and where she lives. When you feel depressed you don’t feel like doing anything. I get it, but try to find some strength to make a first step in the direction of the best store of your city. You actually want to become happier and you know that spending money is the easiest way to see the bright side of the world again so why not try to do it?

3. It gives you a sense of control

Feeling stressed and depressed means that you’ve lost control over your life and now you don`t know what will happen next on your way. Everything was fine several minutes ago but now it`s absolutely not and it shocks you a lot. Shopping is the process when you rule the situation. You have money and someone has goods but you`re the one who decides what to buy. You can enter any shop you want and buy anything you want. It lets you feel control over the situation again and you start feeling better.

4. It banishes sadness

Even a thought about shopping makes you smile inside, right? All girls like wasting money thus when you`re sad, just take a decision to visit your favorite store and check out its new stuff. Psychologists say that shopping for women is like the bar for men. Men relax and let their negative emotions go when talking to the best friend in a cozy environment. Women feel better when they can show their beauty to everyone and meanwhile buy some more beautiful things. You can ask your best friend to go shopping together – that`ll also help you get rid of sadness.

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5. You simply forget about your depression

Of course, not every thing may be forgotten soon but mostly it happens so. You feel like there`s nothing else in this world to live for at first but then you buy a new dress and the grass becomes green again. Then you see those shoes you`ve always wanted to buy and nothing can stop you anymore. You don`t think about the reason of your terrible feeling as it disappears in no time when you have something exciting to do.

6. Sweets help you recover too

Shopping means buying something but when you go shopping feeling stressed, you can`t ignore those colorful candy stores. Dark chocolate, for example, is one of the best antidepressants in the world. It makes your brain produce the hormones of happiness, reducing stress and banishing depression. But don’t overdo it. Just because dark chocolate is a healthy food doesn’t mean you can eat it to your heart’s content.

7. Shopping doesn`t affect your health

This habit can also be bad sometimes because so-called shopaholics spend too much money each day for many useless yet expensive things. But if you use shopping as a way to relieve your inner pain and don`t go too far in it, you won’t ruin your budget. Many people turn to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs when they feel depressed. However these things can affect your health, while shopping can boost your mood only.

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8. Shop smart

When we feel down and decide to go shopping we buy different things but there are two types of such purchases. Some people subconsciously buy things that are somehow related to the reason of their awful mood. Others just buy something to relax and get pleasure. You shouldn`t buy clothes or some other stuff that will remind you about this situation and will hold these negative emotions for a long time.

Shopping is a great way to forget about stress and become happy with your life again. It may seem that spending money on a trifle is worth nothing but it really becomes a remedy when nothing else helps. The sun shines, birds sing and life goes on so let this interesting activity remind you about these happy things. What other benefits of shopping do you know?