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8 Inspiring Reasons to Love Your Comfort Zone

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Wherever I go I always hear that we should get out of our comfort zone and take new adventures as often as possible. They say, a person who can`t leave their home, family and relationship is weak, but is that really true? Comfort zone is the place and people whom you feel great with so why not have it? I personally don`t think that feeling great with what you have and keeping these thing going is something terrible. Being in my usual environment makes me happy and I don`t want to break this rule. Take a look at these reasons to love your comfort zone no matter what others say.

1. It needs much efforts

You can`t have a perfect relationship just because you wish it. You need to make lots of efforts and spend much time to become a good partner and find the one you love. You can`t get a house just because you have no place to live. You should build or buy it and you need to pay for everything you have in general. Everything in life is a result of hard work, wonderful friends, a lovely family, a faithful partner and a cozy home. You can`t get everything for free thus be grateful for what you have right now.

2. It protects you

Adventures are great but not everyone is ready for them. You may think that it looks so cool when a character from your favorite movie ditches everything and tastes destiny but in real life everything is rather more serious. You have someone to help you in case of troubles, you have a roof above your head to hide from rain and you know how to get enough food for living so what else are you looking for? Being protected is one of the most valuable things in life and it`s definitely worth having.

3. It makes you confident

A person who has everything is a confident person. Life is unpredictable and you never know where you`ll encounter danger or just difficulties you wouldn`t be ready for. Having a place where you know everything as well as your hand palm probably makes you more courageous and happy in life. You`re always ready for more as you know there`s someone to help you if something goes wrong. Being confident in your own strength is essential if you want to be successful so do everything to have a reliable comfort zone.

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4. You can be the way you are

Oftentimes, we can`t feel great with someone we don`t know yet. It happens so because they don`t belong to our comfort zone and we`re not sure they`ll accept us the way we are. When you`re in a group of your best friends, you feel free, you joke, laugh, smile and have tons of fun. It lets you stay the way you are and what can be more pleasant than being not afraid of others` judgment? Being the way you are is all about having a strong comfort zone thus you`d better be proud of having it.

5. Comfort is a relative concept

Comfort zone doesn`t obviously mean living at the same place and meeting the same people. Comfort differs from person to person. If I feel comfortable with new people in unknown environment, you may like to sit at home and see your beloved only but both of these preferences would be called a “comfort zone.” You don`t have to do some definite activities and surround yourself with limited number of people. You may just do what you like and that`s pretty enough.

6. Life is limited

It`s not a secret that life is a limited thing. The question is how you`re going to spend it. Are you ready to go out of your comfort zone and struggle, struggle, struggle? Or you`d better like to live a life you love instead? I It’s up to you. Life is short and it`s better to get the most positivity out of it. Live where you love, make friends with people you like and enjoy your life to the fullest.

7. Your parents deserve it

Your mom and dad wouldn`t appreciate your decision to leave comfort zone and encounter more and more difficult challenges, right? Don`t you think they deserve to have a happy child with everything needed for comfortable living? Make them happy by being happy yourself because all those huge efforts they made to raise you definitely deserve your gratitude. They gave you everything you have so don`t make them cry.

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8. You make other people happy

Your comfort zone includes lots of people around you like friends, family and partner. All of them are happy to know you and to be with you. You don`t want to hurt them thus you shouldn`t hurt yourself by leaving your comfort zone and looking for “adventures.” All you can find there is grief and your lovely people`s tears. Don`t make them suffer and better think what wonderful you can do for them. Make them smile as often as possible and always remember that they love you.

Comfort zone is one of the best things in your life. No matter what lifestyle you lead, you should try to keep it going as long as possible because this is what makes you smile. Your comfort zone is your protector and your guarantee for a happy future full of joy and unexpected bright moments. What is comfort zone for you personally?