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7 Amazing Ways to Love Yourself the Way You Are

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Oftentimes we love others, but forget to love ourselves. However bad you are, it’s crucial to accept yourself the way you are. Loving yourself is a must if you want to live a successful and happy life. You`re unique and you have many traits to be proud of, so don`t mind when you see there`s something you should improve or get rid of. It may be difficult but fortunately there are some great ways to love yourself the way you are and here are some of them for you to stay positive when you don’t want to look in the mirror.

1. Don’t dwell on your past

All of us are sometimes mistaken and you`re no exception. There`s definitely at least one mistake you did in your past that you may blame yourself for but you should stop doing that right now. Forgive yourself and move on. Even though you did something wrong, now you`re different and the fact that you realize your fault is already great. Let bygones be bygones.

2. Be careful how you treat yourself

Respect yourself and others will respect you too. If you let others to treat you badly, it’s a warning sign you don’t love yourself. Your body deserves a better treatment as well as your spirit and your mind in general. Take care of your body and mind on a daily basis. If you look fabulous, you feel fabulous, and when you feel fabulous you love yourself the way you are.

3. Think of those who love you

You`re surely loved by others – be it your parent, your friend, or even your dog. Most of us rarely think about why someone loves us. Probably you are not as bad as you think. Try to look at yourself from their point of view and you`ll not only be ready to appreciate yourself but also find out your own best traits you`ve never even thought of before.

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4. Pay attention to people you spend the most time with

You`ll feel miserable if you communicate with losers and those who tend to complain instead of focusing on the positivity. And vise versa, you`ll always achieve your goals and stay optimistic if you`re surrounded by successful people that have enough strength to keep ticking in life no matter how difficult it is. Thus you need to be careful with those whom you meet every day and who actually become the part of your life.

5. Make your own list of your best traits

Grab a pen and make a list of all your positive traits and everything great and kind that you`ve already done in your life. Write down all of them without any exception. Don`t forget to mention even the smallest deed of yours. Don’t ignore things like a DIY present for your mother or holding open doors for people. You will see that you are actually a good person this world needs.

6. Remember your true identity

Try to think who you are indeed. You can`t get to know it until you take your appearance and money you earn into consideration. Throw all external factors away to find out your true identity. Analyze your achievements and look at yourself as a person. Meditate a bit and you`ll be able to see many traits that you used to miss. Loving yourself means you should always remember your true identity, otherwise you`ll be trying to love a fake one. I believe you don`t need that at all.

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7. Help others

Helping others means that you do something useful you can be proud of. Whether you volunteer every weekend or simply help your friends and family when they need it, you become loving yourself more and more. This way you`ll become better in your own eyes and that will bring you closer to success, not to mention that it will help boost your self-esteem.

Feeling happy and contented with your life and yourself is impossible without accepting yourself the way you are. It`s not always necessarily to develop yourself to be able to start loving your personality. You may just look at the kind side of yours that you`ve always used to ignore. Remember that this world is in harmony all the time and each problem is the result of forgetting about this fact. Therefore if you see only bad things about yourself you’ll never learn to love yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest. Do you love yourself the way you are or do you want to change something?