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Feeling Stressed? Think Twice Before Doing These 8 Things

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

All of us face stressful situations once in a while. Stress is always exhausting and almost inevitable. Whether intentionally or not, we tend to take wrong decisions and do many things that can prevent us from being successful and healthy. Stress slowly ruins your health, and when you feel unhealthy you can’t achieve your goals. Studies repeatedly show that stress is the main culprit in many diseases. Next time you are stressed, avoid doing any of these things:

1. Break up with your partner

Breaking up with a partner is a difficult decision to take. You can’t just break up with him because you are in a bad mood. Women often blame themselves after breakups because they realize that they let anger ruin their relationships. Thus, don’t dump your partner unless you are absolutely sure you want it indeed.

2. Accomplish a difficult task

When you are stressed out, it’s hard to think clearly so try to avoid accomplishing any difficult tasks and projects. First, you won’t do it correctly. Second, you will feel more stressed because you won’t have confidence in your own ability to cope with such a difficult task. The thing is, stress can lower your confidence, which means you may end up focusing on your lack of knowledge instead of your best professional skills.

3. Spend on unnecessary purchases

Shopping is a fun way to reduce stress, but once you get home and realize that you spend your whole paycheck, you will instantly increase your stress level instead of reducing it. Although I enjoy shopping when I`m stressed and depressed, I realize that I can’t afford it. Try to avoid doing your shopping when you can’t think clearly and control your emotions.

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4. Drink

One of the worst things you can do when you are stressed is to indulge in alcohol. While alcohol helps to relax, it has a harmful effect. Many people think it`s a great way to deal with stress when in fact it just makes you forget about it for a while and then you will have to solve your problems whether you want it or not. It’s simply a waste of time. Getting drunk when you feel stressed is just another stress. Do you think it can truly help you?

5. Share your stress with others

Speaking about your feelings is good. People can help you to cope with stress by supporting and inspiring you. You`ll feel like there`s someone on your side and that`s what you actually need this moment. But what you really shouldn`t do is to share your stress with people around you. Don`t make them feel what you`re feeling as it never helps. It can only make you feel worse and you will spoil a great mood of people you love.

6. Make big investments

Making serious capital investments is a bad idea when you`re feeling stressed. Whether you want to buy a new car or an expensive jewelry, you don`t need to make a quick decision about it. Think of it at least for a day to make sure that the thing you want to buy is worth its price. If you want to spend some cash, I suggest you make a donation to any local shelter.

7. Eat too much of comfort foods

Food is the most common thing women turn to when they face stressful situations. Eating a huge bar of chocolate, a jar of peanut butter, or a carton of ice cream can help you fight stress but it can also help you put on extra pounds. When you feel stressed you probably don’t care about those pounds, but once you feel great again you won’t look as amazing as you looked a few days ago. Don`t let stress make you blind.

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8. Leave your job

Leaving the job isn`t something to be decided in a moment, especially in a stressful moment. Well, I have thought of quitting my job a few times because of boss’s negative feedback and strict deadlines. Every time I want to leave my job I remind myself that I love it and it’s so hard to find a dream job these days.

These are the things you should think twice before doing when stress strikes. The main point is to try to take control over yourself to avoid problems. You can`t think rationally therefore you shouldn`t make any important decision. Take a stroll, meditate, work out or take a short nap to combat stress and boost your mood. What to do you usually do to reduce stress?