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4 Ways to Know If You Are Underestimating Yourself

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

People are different. Some are proud of themselves. Others underestimate themselves. Many rich people are trying to keep their incomes and purchases in secret, while others do anything possible to show how rich they are. Multi-talented people hide their talents, while those who don’t have any abilities brag about their talents.

When I was a child, my family wasn’t neither rich nor poor, but my parents didn’t allow me to brag about anything we had or bought. They also didn’t allow me to be proud of my skills and talents. My mom told me that it’s a bad habit. I do agree bragging is a bad habit, but if you are successful or your child is multi-talented, then why not be proud of yourself or your little one?

Many of us are underestimating ourselves due to many reasons. The major one is probably your upbringing. If your parents didn’t value your talents and skills, you might think you are not able to do anything. Of course, you don’t have to blame your parents for teaching you bad habits and stirring you in the wrong direction. Now that you are independent, you are able to get rid of any bad habits and find many hidden talents you have. But, first, you need to know if you are underestimating yourself. Here are a few red flags:

You can’t stop comparing

How often do you compare yourself to others? If you do it every day, it’s a sure sign you are underestimating yourself. We all compare ourselves to other people every now and then, because it help us to improve ourselves and become more successful. However, when you have a habit of constantly comparing yourself to your friends or coworkers, it’s crucial to realize it and get rid of this habit. Everyone has their own flaws and everyone is unique in their own way. The key is to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are.

Stop checking Twitter and Facebook – chances are your friends or coworkers don’t write about their bad days, financial problems or personal problems. Just because they wrote they’re super happy today doesn’t mean that they are really happy. You don’t know it and you don’t see it. Plus, you don’t know the whole story.

You forget to care for yourself

Perhaps you have a busy schedule each day. You should care for your parents, husband, children and friends. But you forget to care for yourself first. Many women think that if a woman cares for herself first she is selfish, but it’s not true. Take care of your health, get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy. Your children want you to be positive and happy, and you can’t be happy when you are not healthy.

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You don’t believe in your talents

Even if no one supports you and no one else believes in your skills and abilities, don’t give up. Everyone has at least one talent and you are no exception. Want to do something? Do it! Believe in yourself, be confident, brave and assertive. You will definitely reach your goal, if you work hard and stop complaining about your miserable life.

You always try to please everyone

You can’t please everyone – it’s a proven fact. Don’t be afraid to express your point of view, be firm and do whatever you want to do. If your parents want you to become a lawyer, but you want to be a translator or a teacher, explain it to your parents. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t agree with them. You have the right to make decisions.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to your friends, coworkers and even boss. They should respect you, your time and your decisions. If you don’t want to accomplish those extra tasks on your weekends, let your boss know about it. People pleasers are usually unhappy and they often suffer from depression and anxiety. I think it’s not good news for you.

Value yourself no matter what happened in your life. Forgive yourself and start respecting yourself. When you respect yourself, others respect you too. Focus on your happiness and goals and stop wasting your efforts and time on bad habits and people you don’t need in life. Are you underestimating yourself? What do you want to change in your life?