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6 Tips to Make Easter More Romantic

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in Family, Love

While most people associate this spring holiday with something religious, or with fun for kids, it can certainly be a very romantic time, with moments for you two to enjoy and remember. While St.Valentine’s Day hearts and roses usually don’t fail to impress, the bright or soft-colored daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lilies have a very special charm about them – especially with funny rabbits and fuzzy yellow chickens. While spring itself is synonymous with love and romance, Easter has a unique appeal of family traditions, childhood memories and pure fun like egg hunting, picnics and finding surprises inside eggs or Easter baskets. Sharing such moments and exchanging charming gifts with someone you love is a sweeter kind of romance, to be savored and remembered.

1. It tastes delicious

Whether you bake Easter bread, prepare a romantic Easter dinner or food for a picnic, desserts or candy – it is something special and made with love. You can cook together, paint and decorate Easter eggs or Easter cookies – or simply celebrate with wine and chocolate, and in case the weather isn’t good, you can have a picnic-style lunch or dinner at home.

2. Flowers and gifts

These can always be both a pleasure and a surprise – as well as something you’d probably like to keep, so potted flowers and handmade gifts are welcome along with bouquets and furry stuffed animals bought at the store. You can go to a painting class together and make a picture, or make frames for your photos using some creativity kits – and an Easter basket is a unique-styled gift that can only be received on this holiday. That’s what makes it so special and different from any other gifts, but it’s up to you what should be put inside this basket. It may (but doesn’t have to) include the traditional items like bunnies, eggs and chocolates. An Easter basket for someone you love can be themed around anything that will delight this person.

3. Some bunny loves you

If you like the idea of love notes, Easter eggs are perfect for scattering those around the house. You can use plastic Easter eggs to put slips of paper or small surprises inside, and you can also write the love notes on traditional hard-boiled and dyed eggs.

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4. A romantic break

There are so many wonderful places in the world that would be a perfect getaway for you – not necessarily overseas, but close to your home as well. If you can’t afford a trip or a holiday for whatever reasons, take a walk, watch the sunset or the stars. Alternatively, you can simply do nothing but enjoying each other’s company, or spend the whole day watching romantic movies – actually, that’s what Sunday is for, taking your mind off work and other issues that make you stressed. You don’t necessarily need an activity to take a break and relax together.

5. A bunny costume

Until recently, this wasn’t one of the commonly suggested ideas for Easter, but nowadays it is. If it’s an exclusively romantic Easter you’re planning, a sexy bunny costume may be a nice addition to other sweet surprises. Perhaps many religious people will find this suggestion inappropriate, but anybody who feels inspired by the bunny costume idea is likely to enjoy it. I’m just thinking, you’re not going to wear it often – probably just once or twice. So wouldn’t it be better to get fluffy or silk pyjamas (or home wear) in pastel colors, and a pair of bunny ears to have a cute outfit that can be further worn daily, with only the bunny ears having to rest on the shelf?

6. My bunny is over the ocean

While not everybody may remember the old song “My Bonnie Is Over the Ocean”, most of us are familiar with this busy life, business trips and all, preventing us from enjoying or sharing something with our beloved. If this is the case, and you are far away from someone you love, flowers and gifts can be ordered and delivered to them, and you can also send funny, playful or romantic greetings to that special person.

Easter is not for kids only. You and your partner can have some fun too. Do you have any other suggestions for making Easter romantic and fun not just for kids?