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5 Unusual Summer Date Ideas

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in Love

While spring may be “in the air”, with its presence feeling like a “barely there” kind of thing, summer is everywhere – cheering loudly “ENJOY!”, and is there anyone who is not eager to follow? Enjoy every single day, every moment, each of your favorite things to do in summer and every new activity you may be wishing to try. Picnics and the beach, volleyball and swimming, delicious fruit and cocktails, showing off your tan and swimwear… there are many different reasons why you love summer, and so does your partner or that special person you are attracted to. That’s why summer is the perfect season to make the most out of every opportunity to have a great time together.

From the mountain trails to your own backyard, from state fairs and local farms to just driving into the sunset, there are many places to explore in search of creative date ideas. While you will probably enjoy even the simple things like a hammock in the yard or a squirt gun fight, you may want to know some unusual date ideas for a surprising effect and great memories.


What’s unusual, or different, about camping is its way of combining all that you love picnics and barbecues for, but also adding a greater element of adventure. Whether it will be a more challenging, or a more nature-immersive experience, you are likely to remember it as the one that stands out from the rest. You can sleep in a tent, sit near the fire and perhaps cook something on it – even if it’s just for fun, and it’s just a slice of bread toasted over the fire, it tastes delicious. Camping may combine different activities, depending on your interests and the kind of place or company you choose. Whether it’s just you two, or a bigger group, camping requires you to work as a team. Perhaps you are good at it, or still new to it – anyway, that’s a useful skill to learn or to practice.


An element of a quest can add more fun to what is already fun, or to something that is otherwise just usual. Whether you walk along very familiar streets, or find an opportunity to travel and visit some other place, I suggest you kiss each time you see a bicycle, a street musician, or some street sign with a cup or a heart logo on it (or with one of the letters of your name, to make sure you will find plenty). You can approach strangers and kindly ask them to name an activity, and whatever they mention may be something you can try on your next date. Within your house or yard, you can hide small gifts for each other, providing clues, maps or other instructions on finding them. As you find your gift (or collect all of them), you will be entitled to a romantic dinner being cooked for you, to some special treat, or perhaps you get to pick an activity or a place for your next date.

Make your own ice-cream or cocktails

This doesn’t have to be season-specific, but summer is when you are likely to enjoy ice-cream and cocktails the most. You can try to make something that is your favorite, a legendary classic, or experiment with different ingredients to create your own summer special. Now, who is going to be a bartender, or a sexy waitress? Perhaps you will take these roles in turn, trying to serve your masterpieces in the most tempting way to the most important customer. Deliciously romantic! It is certainly more fun than sitting at a table somewhere and waiting for your order. You can have the full privacy of smudging ice-cream over each other’s faces or whatever else this cool-but-so-hot activity may inspire.

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This is also something that can be done at any time of the year, as an awesome photo session can be arranged at some professional studio. However, summer offers fantastic opportunities to do that outdoors, as well as the beautiful scenery. All people love photos where they look great, but most can’t boast that their beach or picnic photos have turned out as lovely as expected. Maybe their hair was a mess, their mouth was full of food, their dog or some friends making silly faces got in the way. So why not set aside some money and time for great photos to be taken while you feel confident about the way you look? You will probably have to pay a professional, but it is worth having wonderful memories of summer days spent together.

Time travel

You don’t have to make your own version of a time machine – just rent a pair of costume that will make you and your date look like you just came from a different time period. Greek, Roman, Medieval, royal costumes, soldiers, cowboys, gypsies – the choice is very impressive, just choose something to your liking. Dress up and visit some friends, or step out into a busy street to see everybody turning around to look at you. This can be combined with #4, and after you finish posing at the studio, you can go and have lunch or a cup of coffee in a modern setting.

There are probably lots of other recipes of having a great time together in summer. Some are classic, tried and tested, while others can only be evaluated through personal experiments. What’s on your menu this summer? Any ideas of hot summer specials?