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5 Effective Tips to Give Up Cursing

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Unfortunately, swearing has become an inevitable part of modern society. Nowadays you can hear bad words at every corner, because many people can’t imagine their life without them. Even small kids can’t help swearing, because they find it cool and repeat everything their parents say. It seems to me that the habit of swearing has already turned into a strange social addiction. If people don’t pay considerable attention to this problem, the habit of cursing will lead to a complete degradation of human kind in a quite short period of time.

A few years ago, I decided to start from myself and prove everyone that life without swearing was much better. My confident decision to become a highly successful lady made me realize that cursing was not my pair of shoes. I didn’t want that bad habit to singe my reputation. Frankly speaking, it was hard to tame my tongue and resist the temptation of using bad language. From time to time, some of my friends tried to prove me that moderate use of profanity had a lot of health benefits as well.

Do you believe that swearing can improve your health and make your life better? I don’t think so. This misbelief can make you swear like a trooper and fill your life with failures and negativity. There’s no doubt that every bad thing has its advantages as well, but you should always keep in mind that cursing is the choice of emotionally weak personalities. Psychologists say that the habit of cursing makes people emotionally unstable and exerts a big negative influence on the nervous system.

You should make all necessary efforts to get rid of this terrible habit naturally. If you feel that it doesn’t lead to desirable results, you should punish yourself. There’re a lot of effective ways that will help you improve your personal self-discipline. I’m sure that one dollar per swear will be a powerful spur to your self-improvement. Read on and pay attention to the first steps of recovery. If you follow these pieces of advice, you’ll once and for all forget about bad language and become a highly intelligent person.

1. Change your mindset

Many people say that it’s necessary to bite the tongue in order to break the habit of using bad words. I don’t support this point of view, because this pointless technique will never help you handle the situation. I think you should delve a bit deeper and realize that your lifestyle depends on your mindset. Your mind is the source of all thoughts that later turn into either positive or negative habits.

People usually use bad language, when they’re irritated by everything and cannot take control of their emotions. Unfortunately, they’ll never take control of everything happening around them because this world is a challenging and changeable thing, where nothing is stable and perfect. As soon as you find inner peace and attain harmony, you’ll be able to improve your outlook on life and become happy. I can state with assurance that highly successful and happy people prefer not to use bad words in their communication, because positive thinking has become the top priority for them.

2. Create a healthy environment

The next thing you should do is to create a positive environment for you to take a breath of fresh air. Perhaps you have at least one or two friends who cannot express their thoughts without dirty jokes and obscene words. In this case, you should keep such personalities at a distance – evil communications corrupt good manners. If possible, you should change the circle of contacts and surround yourself with positive and well-bred people. It’s strongly recommended to spend more time with your dearest and nearest, especially with kids. When you communicate with children, you should always remember that you’re a role model and you have no right to swear.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t pay attention to casual accidents, bad news, toxic people and other sources of negativity. Stop listening to music with swears. I understand that it’s a painful decision for music lovers, but it’s the part of a therapy.

By all means, all possible triggers should be avoided. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to break free from the vicious circle of swearing. Healthy environment will boost you willpower and help you resist the urge to use bad words. 21 days will be enough for you to create a positive mindset and get rid of bad habits.

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3. Expand your vocabulary

We often cannot find the most suitable word or phrase to express our feelings and emotions. Many people believe that bad words can make their language semantically rich and more sophisticated. I think that cursing can only debase your language and cast an imputation on your character.

If you want to make a confident step towards success, you should expand your vocabulary. How can you do it? You can boost your vocabulary by reading classic books and communicating with highly cultured and developed personalities. It will give you an opportunity to use alternative words in order to reduce the frequency of swearing in everyday life situations.

As a person with wonderful sense of humor, I decided to replace swear words with funny and humorous phrases. I believed that humor was an extremely effective thing that could help me overcome challenges. If you have no idea how to create a list of good words, you should do the following thing. Take a tape recorder and record your speeches for you to analyze your own language and realize that curse words really sound disgusting.

4. Reduce stress

My coworker states that cursing has always been the best way to release tension. It seems to me that this unhealthy method can only add fuel to the flames. Psychologists say that chronic stress and a habit of cursing are strongly interrelated. Cursing usually triggers irritation and higher aggression. As a result, you become emotionally exhausted and unable to break the cycle of stress. Don’t use curse words anymore. Today, there’re a lot of other effective and natural stress relievers.

Do your best to avoid stressful situations or just change your attitude toward things that can easily get your dander up. If you’re too emotional, you should learn how to respond to criticism adequately. Shift your focus on things you’re really passionate about. It will help you fill your life with joy and positivity.

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5. Find a mentor

If you really can do nothing about this bad habit, you should ask somebody for help. Tell your family that you’ve already decided to get rid of cursing once and for all. I hope they’ll treat the situation with understanding and try not to stress you out all the time. If they don’t support your decision, you may suggest your best friend to face the challenge together. You’ll have a chance to monitor each other’s language and reach a common goal in a quite short period of time.

If you’re also sick and tired of cursing, try to pay attention to these effective techniques. It’s high time to stop the process of social degradation. Do you use curse words? What other effective tips to stop cursing do you know?