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8 Reasons Why Your Shortcomings Make You Better

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Nowadays we waste the best years of our lives chasing perfection. People are smart and highly intelligent creatures, but they still can’t explore the nature of their feelings. When we’re full of sins and shortcomings, we try to escape from ourselves and distract from negative thoughts and harsh realities of life. Escape has never been the best way to handle challenging situations, because it’s impossible to deceive your inner self. Brave and impulsive personalities tend to discover all weaknesses and master their emotions. They do their best to change their nature and turn negative traits of character into positive ones.

Some people think that this game is worth the candle. However, a constant inner struggle makes you miserable and anxious. It steals your life energy and makes you focus on your shortcomings all the time. Why do people make the same mistake? They usually think narrowly and stick to common stereotypes. Our grandparents teach us to be honest, sincere and kind-hearted by all means. Every mature personality knows that human soul can’t be as pure as water. It consists of both good and bad thoughts and energies. Different religions believe that covetousness, impudence, egotism and envy are the most dangerous sins of humanity.

Let’s think broader and weigh all pros and cons of our shortcomings. I know that even bad things can be beneficial, because everything happens for a reason in this life. I don’t want to cast doubt of your religious views or moral principles. Let’s dig a little deeper and find the truth.

1. Impudence

No matter how you slice it, cheek brings success and happiness. I’ve noticed that go-getting personalities usually achieve goals very easily. The magic power of impudence can open up new vistas for everyone. It’s crucially important to find a smart way to get cheeky proportionally and never go too far, because you can elbow people aside.

Impudent behavior is not my pair of shoes, but I think that this quality is not the worst thing in the world. It doesn’t mean that bold behavior should become the main priority in your life. This trait of character can help you overcome fears or uncertainty and surmount various barriers.

2. Lies

Today many people state with assurance that telling lies has always been one of the most common bad habits. Can you imagine what would happen if people told only the truth? I think that telling the truth is a very hard and dangerous affair. It often happens that harsh truth can cut to the quick, hurt feelings or even wound mentally.

When I was a student I did a small but challenging experiment. I promised myself to tell the truth to people who surrounded me. One month was enough to understand that truth was unnecessary. It spoiled my friendship and relationships with group mates. It seemed to me that I was the loneliest person in the world. I’d learned a lesson that truth wouldn’t help people live happier and build good relationships. I still believe that we should try to strike a happy medium between telling the truth and lying. Both truth and lie are very important in the life of a modern person. Lies won’t make you better, but it helps you keep the balance.

3. Selfishness

Selfishness is the habit of many people from all over the world. These well-mannered and self-oriented personalities are often disliked by others, because people don’t know how to deal with their selfishness. Why do people try to get rid of selfishness? It seems that the quality of selfish person’s life is much better. These people can easily say “no” to others and don’t feel guilty about it. They love themselves and boost their ego in order to satisfy all needs and desires. Public opinion and criticism aren’t of great importance to them, because their lives and values are the main priorities.

Rational egoism is the choice of many successful and happy people. It helps them live in harmony with their feelings, emotions and desires. If you find out that you’re a bit selfish, you shouldn’t hasten to suppress the trait of character that improves your life.

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4. Covetousness

The sin of covetousness is known to many people who’re in platonic love with money. Like many other shortcomings, covetousness can either improve or destroy your life. Nowadays many people become millionaires thanks to this terrible trait of character. These personalities will never spend money like water, because they’re wise and reserved enough to suppress a fleeting desire to buy something unnecessary. Covetous people should try to find a positive slant on covetousness, because this quality is an essential part of human nature. Greed and covetousness aren’t good, but they have certain advantages.

5. Jealousy

Without a doubt, every woman has experienced the feeling of jealousy at least once in her life. Wise women don’t try to stop this feeling, but tend to take an advantage of this natural instinct. It’s been proved that the feeling of jealousy is a perfect motivator for both women and men.

Three years ago, I had a wonderful relationship with a man of my dream. As a terrible perfectionist, I always tried to create perfection in everything I did. I was highly jealous and made lots of mistakes. I thought that I wasn’t good enough and wanted to lose my weight in a quite short period of time. This aggravating and obsessive feeling inspired me to achieve a desirable result and realize that I’m very beautiful and self-confident lady.

6. Regret

Regret usually captures the minds of people who’d made a mistake. Even this shortcoming is good for everyone. Proper analysis and deep reflections on the past failures usually make people wiser and mature. Next time, they won’t walk into the same water, because they already know their weak points. It’s important to accept the situations and forgive yourself. It will help you bounce back quickly. I believe that mistakes and regrets are the best teachers.

7. Indifference

Indifference has something in common with selfishness. Today sentimental and sensitive personalities tend to take the harsh realities of life to heart. There’s too much negativity around and it’s impossible to worry about everything and everyone. The best pill against stress and negativity is indifference. It gives them an opportunity to screen themselves from hardships, bad news and casual life problems. Such people usually live a long, happy and healthy life. Rational indifference can significantly improve both physical and mental well-being.

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8. Envy

Nowadays, we can’t avoid the feeling of envy, because this world is full of temptations, beautiful things and clothes, owned by other people. Envy is a powerful source of motivation and inspiration for everyone who wants to make their dreams come true. This green eyed monster gives you a chance to elicit your potential and prove yourself that you’re strong and confident enough. By all means, don’t let sharp envy jaundice your soul.

I still remember my grandpa reading me Native American legends and parables before sleep. I adored the legend about the fight of two wolves inside every human being. The first wolf was evil and the second one was good. Since that day, I do my best to feed the second wolf in order to keep balance between good and evil in my heart. When something is going wrong, I try to recognize the origin of my shortcomings and accept everything about myself, because nature is stronger than nurture. Do you believe that your shortcomings are an inevitable part of your personality? We’d like to know your point of view!