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5 Pieces of Wisdom to Keep in Mind

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

What is wisdom? It’s the human’s ability to use their knowledge and skills in reality. The occurrence of wisdom teeth doesn’t mean that the person is highly wise. Even those who have four wisdom teeth, sometimes do very foolish things. I don’t criticize them in any circumstances, because mistakes are the biggest source of experience. I’m sure that every person has an inherited ability to develop and live a happy life, but everything depends on their views, values and life approach. You’re born to explore and cognize this world. You have so many years and possibilities to open up something new, express yourself and reach goals in spite of tears, pain and failures. Frankly speaking, it’s very difficult to make a confident step into the future if you lack wisdom. Don’t even think that wisdom can be bought or reached in a moment. Everything comes to those who work hard and develop all the time. Every challenging year and life experiences make you more mature.

Wisdom is like a mentor. It instructs and guides you in the areas you’re weak and uncertain. Life is full of things which are beyond your understanding. If you’re strong, you’ll never lose heart, but move on regardless of fears and passions which usually knock us off track. I’ve noticed that the life of wise people is always measured and full of interesting adventures. I believe that their steel patience and faith in something good are the secret of their success. These valuable pearls of wisdom will alter your views on life and help you surmount various barriers.

1. Always mind your business

This unique piece of wisdom is known to people from all over the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can resist the temptation to poke their noses in where they’ve no business. I don’t know why, but many people tend to plunge into the lives, problems and conversations of others as if they want to support them in one or other situation. Only 10 percent of them have a frank desire to help. The others do it just to satisfy their curiosity about the issues of people around them. If you’re also too curious, you should try to get rid of this negative habit. Otherwise, you may become a reckless enemy of society.

At the first sight, curiosity appears to be very useful and important quality of a modern person, but you should always mind your affairs and express interest in the life of your dearest and nearest. A huge amount of useless information and the problems of unknown people can have a negative impact on your mental well-being. The secret of a happy life is to mind your own business and don’t drag into the conflicts of others.

2. Human mindset is the reflection of books they’ve already read

Do you believe that books can exert a big influence on your mindset? Reading books is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons and enrich the mind with new ideas and thoughts. Every book has a certain message that cultivates moral values and teaches people to be more confident, wise, brave and clever. I’ve noticed an interesting thing. When we’re young we read the books which satisfy and correspond to our interests. When we become older and mature we give special emphasis to the books that increase the level of our development. Someone chooses psychological literature; others prefer fiction as genuine connoisseurs of art.

Reading helps people develop good communicative skills as well. Those who’ve read the same books can easily find an interesting topic to talk about, because they have a common outlook. Don’t stop reading books if you want to have the right mindset and remain an all-rounded person.

3. If you want to do something perfectly, do it yourself

This pearl of wisdom might be a dream of many busy people who, unfortunately, cannot allow themselves the luxury of doing things on their own. They often cannot organize productive teamwork, because many employees find it hard to understand the vague directions of their bosses. If you’re a boss as well, you should know that your friends or employees can do a hack-work and forget about it in a moment. Try to draw a line between the most important things you have to do only by yourself and less important tasks you can entrust somebody else to do.

Everything depends on the type of temperament and life approach of a person. If you’re extremely calm and indifferent to things happening around you, then it will be difficult for you to change your habits and become more responsible and enthusiastic at work. You should always keep this wisdom in mind and try to be more productive and maintain independence in many spheres of your life.

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4. If you want to get to know someone, ask them for help

Today you can see a lot of actors and actresses at every turn. They play the role of tender-hearted and honest friends. I hope you already know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. If you want to know the inner nature of your friend, you can just ask them for help. It’s not necessary to borrow money, because money affairs often ruin friendships. If you’ve asked your friends for help and see no volunteers to give a helping hand, you should make appropriate conclusions. Consider for a moment what will happen, if you get into a hot water. I’m sure that such fake friends will turn their backs upon you and live their lives without remorse and regret.

I’ve already faced such a situation and I’m grateful to God that today only frank and sincere people surround me. Now I’ve drawn a line between companions and friends. I know that companions are people who’re united by a common purpose. They’ll cross me out of their lives as soon as I survive their usefulness. True friends will always support and go through hard times together.

5. Don’t become too attached to everything in life

One of my best friends is greatly interested in ancient and traditional Tibetan culture. She is a strong admirer of Asian world, people and their traditions. She once told me a lot of interesting facts about them. According to Tibetan traditions, people shouldn’t become too attached to everything, because sooner or later they will lose it. They should observe and enjoy the things they already have. People know that they’re just travelers in this world. I do partially agree with this point of view. When you get used to something or somebody, you cannot say goodbye without pain and sufferings. I realize that it’s impossible to rid yourself of all habits, but you should try to stay off this beaten track.

Wisdom has always been the main goal and dream of many people. It’s usually passed from one generation to another and we should be grateful to our ancestors for such a gift. I cannot even imagine the life of people without intellect and wisdom. Sure, your enemies and various surprises of life will impart wisdom to every person and teach them to make right decisions in any challenging situation. What other pieces of wisdom do you know? Do they help you in everyday life? Share your thoughts with us!