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7 Wonderful Lessons You Can Learn from Your Enemies

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Whether you want it or not, but you will have enemies at some point in your life. Even if you are the kindest person in the city, you still have enemies. Everyone has enemies. That’s the truth of life. We often treat our enemies, well, like enemies, and it’s a huge mistake. Your enemies can teach you lots of essential life lessons, and you should be grateful for them. I’m not telling you to love people who hate you. But try to treat them with respect and get rid of the feeling of hatred toward them. You will feel happier and healthier in no time! Without further ado, here are 7 wonderful lessons you should learn from your enemies.

1. Be proud of yourself

All happy and successful people have enemies. If you are good at something, it’s no wonder that you have at least one enemy. Instead of thinking about how to get rid of them, focus on improving your skills. Enemies help us develop new skills, become more successful and be proud of ourselves. They encourage us to work harder and reach bigger goals. Keep your enemies close and you may learn many other useful things from them.

2. Stay calm even in the worst situation

My enemies always challenge my patience, but I don’t allow them to make me mad. I don’t allow their words to make me weak and give up on my dreams and goals. When I stay calm and collected, I solve my problems faster and with less stress. Remember, your enemy will never like anything you do and say, so there’s no point in getting angry. Learn how to stay calm when your enemies are around so that you won’t behave and sound like them.

3. Become better at arguing

One of the most valuable lessons you should learn from your enemies is how to argue wisely. We tend to argue with people we don’t like without listening to what they say. Moreover, we tend to focus on winning an argument instead of finding the right solution. Once you learn how to stay calm when your enemies are around, hopefully, you will learn how to be a better listener and become better at arguing.

4. Respect people

You may say that you respect everyone, but do you really respect your enemies? Perhaps they don’t respect you and they don’t hide their hatred, but it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Show your enemies that you are wiser than they are. If you can’t avoid them, try to speak calmly and confidently. In time, they will start respecting you as well. Even if they won’t respect you, then so be it. You will know that you do your best to avoid any rivalry.

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5. Change your flaws

Sometimes it’s okay to listen to your enemy’s opinions. They might help you to recognize your flaws and change them. While no one is perfect, it’s always a good idea to improve yourself. Chances are that your best friend won’t tell you about your bad traits, but your enemy will tell you about every flaw you have. It’s not pleasant, but useful. Their criticism will help you become a better person and will make you stronger than you are.

6. Stay strong

The more successful you are, the more enemies you have. Just like Sidney Sheldon said, ‘To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies.’ Your enemies help you learn how to stay strong in tough situation, and boost your spirit when everything goes against you. You will realize that you are stronger than you may think.

7. Get to know the person before judging them

It’s okay to give your enemies a chance before judging them. Get to know them better and you will understand why they treat you bad and how to chance the situation. It’s so easy to judge, but are you sure you know the whole story. Sometimes the worst enemy can become the best friend. Keep it in mind the next time you decide to judge anyone.

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It’s always hard to cope with enemies. While you can’t get rid of them, try to learn as many useful lessons as you can. Try to forgive them and treat them like your friends, even if they openly disrespect you. You are smarter than they are, and if you stay nice and positive, you will reach more goals in life and become more successful than they are. What lessons did you learn from your enemies?