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8 Ways to Live the Year to the Fullest

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

At the beginning of every year I always immerse in deep reverie about everything that has already happened and realize that I’m still not satisfied with the scenario of my life. I’m a free, active and cheerful person by nature, but like many others I have to follow the rules and face the harsh realities of this life. Modern life has become extremely stressful and uneasy. It makes me listen to my mind more often and remain deaf to the voice of the heart. Many people keep making the same mistakes, because their anxiety is much stronger than the power of will. I know that rich and prosperous sections of society have more opportunities to break through difficulties and limitations, but I believe that money is not the aim, but a tool that helps us reach our goals. All limitations and barriers are just the figment of the imagination.

I’ve decided to challenge myself and live this year the way I like. I’m much stronger than my fears and I don’t want to feel terrible pain and regret about wasted time and opportunities later. I advise you to do the same and live this year to the fullest, as if these are the last 365 days of your life. You don’t have to explain your actions and behaviors to anyone else anymore, because you’re the only smith of your happiness. Here’re my own experiences and pieces of advice on how to start a new life of a free and happy person.

1. Travel as much as possible

I must confess that traveling is the best way to escape from casual reality and start a new adventure. Traveling can help you define what you want from life. Every culture has its own approach and vision of the world. Wise people advise to explore the world while you’re young and active. Don’t wait for the most suitable moment to happen, because constant issues and difficulties will never let you see other countries and their places of interest with your own eyes. Traveling usually fills your life with pleasant memories and emotions. Those people who travel a lot are wonderful interlocutors since they’re always glad to share their travel experiences with their colleagues or friends. Many people from all over the world believe that love, family and traveling are the main priorities in life.

2. Stay away from toxic people

This year your task is to improve or create a new circle of contacts. Surround yourself with good and sincere people who’re always glad to see your happy face and make your big heart radiate joy and warmth. Those people who mislead and shatter the faith in your inner potential and abilities should fade away from your life. Don’t let them remind you about your troubles and steal positive energy. You should cross the enemies out of your life and overcome the desire to get square with them. Forgive them all their faults and let the God deal with their sins and meanness. Forgiveness is the best therapy against resentment and pain.

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3. Let others help you

Life is not all clear sailing in calm waters. From time to time, you have to tolerate the insults of negative personalities. The most common mistake many people make is to withdraw into their shell and think that others are evil-wishers as well.

Life has much in common with a fairy tale where both negative and positive characters are intertwined. There’re so many kind-hearted people who’re ready to give a helping hand and support when you’re getting through a rough time. If you dare to open your heart, you’ll have a chance to find true friends and become an incredibly happy person.

One day my granny told me that every person I met on my way was an angel. Black angels tested me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. White angels loved and guarded me like the apple of an eye. Now I know that this world isn’t as cruel and harsh as it seems.

4. Keep your health in good condition

This year you should make an attempt to improve and maintain physical and mental well-being. Good health is crucially important these days. An apple a day, exercises and mental work will help you feel less pain and avoid various health disorders. Those people who’re suffering from diseases usually have nothing. They cannot reach goals, because they are thinking only about their diseases. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should learn to listen to your body and heart. When you feel pain or constant discomfort in your body, you shouldn’t postpone a visit to the doctor. Don’t let diseases ruin your life.

5. Your life should consist of your rules

I respect people who stand pat and never betray the main principles of their lives. Such charismatic people usually achieve desirable results regardless of everything. Don’t challenge yourself to change the whole world and its rules. All you have to do is to change your life for better and create your own rules. These rules will show you how to behave in one or another situation and always remain calm.

I’ve always wondered why I have to follow somebody’s rules. I’m free and I have an independent way of thinking. As a woman with a great deal of common sense, I understand that it’s very difficult to stem the tide. No one likes when somebody stops following their rules and becomes independent, but you can try. Life is given to you only once and you should try to follow your own rules. Don’t let other people’s opinions and rules spoil your dreams and happiness.

6. Try to be more communicative

No matter how you slice it, communication is the best way to make new acquaintances. Communication is an extremely useful thing. It can help you solve your problems, boost your confidence and increase your productivity. It’s crucially important for both personal and social life. I’m a talkative person and I cannot imagine my life without active expression of my feelings and emotions. I like to understand the interlocutors and to be understood by others.

This year try to develop effective communication skills in order to interact with society and make a good thing of it. The only things you should always keep in secret are your family’s success and private life.

7. Express yourself

A boring and predictable life is the choice of meticulous and small-minded people. I’m sure that you’re an all-rounded and charismatic personality, but sometimes the fear of failure and the feeling of uneasiness can take control of your mind. Nowadays there’re a lot of different activities and spheres which help people express themselves and find their true vocation. If you already know that you’re a creative personality, you can master as many musical instruments as possible. If art is not your pair of shoes, then choose sports or something else. Many ladies yearn to express themselves through their appearances. They’re fond of creating individual and beautiful designs and styles.

8. Make one dream come true

When you become older many of your dreams remain unaccomplished, because your needs and wants are unlimited. If you’re not a millionaire, you should create a plan on how to make at least one cherished dream a reality this year. If you follow this rule every year, you’ll be the happiest person in the world. Though, sometimes even money cannot handle the situation. Everything depends on your mindset and dreams. My cherished dream is to live in peace, love and make my family happy.

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I hope my ideas and experiences will help you move off the dead center and start a new chapter in your life. By all means, avoid negative and obsessive thoughts about your past and lost time. Your future depends on the actions you’re doing now. It’s never too late to try yourself in other spheres and set new life priorities. What goals do you want to accomplish this year? Share your point of view with us, please.