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7 Smart Ways to Start a Fitness Routine

Catalina 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

We all know that we need to exercise regularly, but how many of us do it? Laziness and busy schedules are two major reasons we don’t work out. Whatever your reason, I highly recommend you to think about an effective fitness routine and start it today. Not only will you stay fit, you will improve your overall health as well. Finding the motivation to stick to your fitness routine is a challenging task, especially for those with busy schedules, but I hope these seven tips will help you.

1. Set realistic fitness goals

When you set realistic fitness goals, you increase your chances of reaching them. Many people stop sticking to their fitness routines because they set unrealistic goals. They don’t see any results and changes and think that exercise is just a waste of time. But it’s a huge mistake. If you are new to running, don’t expect to run 5K at once. Take smaller steps to achieve your fitness goal, and you won’t feel discouraged.

2. Opt for something you love

Do you love swimming, skiing, skating, or running? Or, maybe you are a baseball junkie? Go for it! Just make sure you do it regularly. It’s an easy way to stick to your fitness routine without much effort. If running is not for you, don’t incorporate it into your fitness routine. You will never feel all the benefits of exercise, if you do something you hate. My personal choice is swimming. It’s a fun and simple exercise that allows me to consume around 8000 calories a day and stay slim and healthy. Give it a try!

3. Exercise each day

Running once a week or swimming during the summer months only is not effective. You need to exercise each day regardless of the day, weather, and season. Sure, there will be some days when you won’t feel like exercising. In this case, I recommend walking. Walking doesn’t feel like a super effective exercise, but it has many health benefits and it aids weight loss as well. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to do it on a daily basis.

4. Don’t push too hard

Whether you are trying to improve your health or drop weight, don’t push too hard. If you are new to exercise, aim to exercise about 20-30 minutes a day, and then make small steps to increase your time. If you think that spending hours in the gym or exercising until you faint will give you great results, think twice. While you can reach your fitness goals faster, you will injure yourself and ruin your overall health. Start slow and you will reach bigger fitness goals.

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5. Don’t complicate your fitness routine

When you start a fitness routine, it’s important that you don’t complicate your trainings. Your fitness routine should consist of easy-to-do exercises. Avoid weight-lifting, opt for cardio instead. Walking, jogging and yoga are all good options for beginners.

6. Find a fitness buddy

If you have never worked out before, it may be extremely difficult to start a fitness routine and stay motivated to stick to it. A fitness buddy can make your fitness routine fun and easy and they will help you stay committed to exercise. You will know that you should wake up at 6 am to go running or walking because your fitness buddy is waiting for you.

7. Listen to music when working out

One of the best ways to make your fitness routine easier is to listen to music. Music has a wonderful ability to distract you from the exhaustion and pain of a training session. It can also boost your workout performance. Make the time spent burning calories more fun by listening to your favorite songs.

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, it can be hard to start a fitness routine, but don’t lose motivation. Everyone can exercise regardless of fitness level and age. After all, it’s never too late to start exercising (even if you are in your 60s!) Follow these seven tips and hopefully they will help you reach all of your fitness goals. Have you already made exercise a part of your daily routine?