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8 Best Places to Visit in 2015

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Travel&Life

As the year comes to an end, most people start thinking about the list of places they would like to visit in 2015. Perhaps your travel bucket list contains some of the most popular places in the world, such as Taj Mahal, Victoria Falls, Machu Picchu or the Eiffel Tower. My list contains some of the lesser known places which are breathtakingly beautiful but lack attention and advertisement. Here are eight best places everyone should visit in 2015.

1. Mardin, Turkey

When it comes to Turkey, many of us think about visiting Istanbul, Ankara or Bodrum. However, there are many more wonderful cities and towns that boast rich history, unique culture and lots of awesome landmarks. An ancient city of Mardin is one of them. You may not find luxury hotels and restaurants here, but you will be able to experience its unique historical architecture and traditions. When visiting Mardin, you will feel like time flows too slowly. It’s a great place to relax and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body. This city will teach you to appreciate every minute of your life and be grateful for all the things you have now.

2. Antarctica

Have you ever thought about visiting the most remote place in the world? No? While it’s better to visit one of the hottest tropical vacation spots like Bali, there’s something mysterious about Antarctica. The weather is harsh but the landscape is spectacular. You will see breathtaking icebergs, tens of thousands of cute penguins, and huge whales. Antarctica has no indigenous population, no cities, no towns, no airports, no roads, nothing. It’s a bit intimidating, but is worth a try. One of the best ways to visit Antarctica is by a cruise ship.

3. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is among the best places to visit in 2015, and there is great reason for that honor. The areas around the lake has some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa. This salt and soda lake is known for its unique biodiversity. It is home to some birds, endemic algae, and invertebrates. It’s also home to around 2.5 million lesser flamingoes, the single large flock in East Africa. When visiting the lake, you can stay at one of several campgrounds located near Lake Natron.

4. Marble Caves, Chile

This marvelous underworld of azure caves is located in Patagonia in Southern Chile. The 6,000 year-old sculpture has a great ability to constantly change its appearance. During the spring months the turquoise water creates a dazzling shimmer against the swirling walls of the caves. In summer, the increased water levels create a deep blue hue, making the caves breathtakingly beautiful. Marble Caves are difficult to reach. But once you see the caves, you will forget about your long journey.

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5. Pink Lake, Australia

If you are planning to visit Australia in 2015, consider visiting Pink Lake. The lake is situated in Western Australia and is 2 km in width and 4 km in length. Although Pink Lake is not always bright pink, it still has a beautiful color. The vivid rose pink color comes from the alga and brine prawn that live and grow in the water. Grab your camera and keep it handy to catch fantastic photos!

6. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

One of the most visited tourist spots in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher rise 390 ft above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head. Every year they attract over million tourists from all over the world. The Cliffs of Moher have appeared in a few movies such as ‘Leap Year’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,’ not to mention the Maroon 5’s ‘Runaway’ music video. The Cliffs of Moher is a wonderful place for yogis and people who simply want to relax and reconsider their life goals. It’s also a great place for all bird watchers. There are over 20 species of birds living on the cliffs.

7. The Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

Situated in the old city of Segovia, the Alcázar of Segovia is an impressive castle that looks like the bow of a ship. It was originally built as a fortress but nowadays it’s used as a museum. The interior of the castle is as breathtaking as its exterior. When visiting the Alcázar, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see the Hall of the Throne, the Hall of Ajimeces and the Hall of Kings, and experience the rich history of Segovia. The Alcázar of Segovia is well-known to be an inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

8. Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is one of my favorite countries that boasts many beautiful but overlooked places. When I did a little research I found lots of travel lists, but none of them suggests that we visit Cappadocia in Turkey. Cappadocia has a fascinating landscape and is renowned for its fairy chimneys: thin, tall towers of rock called hoodoos. To see them, you will need to go to Nevsehir, Aksaray, Kayseri, or Nigde. I recommend you to take a balloon ride to see massive rock formations, amazing vineyards, orchards and cute pigeon houses.

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Visiting lesser known places can be a challenging task, but it’s well worth time and effort. Even if you can’t visit these eight places in 2015, add them to your travel bucket list. These places are not to be missed! We just can’t describe them. We do have to visit them in person! Have you ever visited any of these places? Share your experiences!