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How to Make People Like You for Good

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

We are all different and we don’t have to love each other, but there are times where you want other people to like you. Sometimes we make mistakes that make other people (neighbors, classmate or coworkers) dislike us. You may say something like, ‘I don’t need those people in my life and I don’t care what they think of me.’ It’s great, if you say it and mean it. If you spend days and nights blaming yourself for your mistakes, stop doing it. These little tips will help you to make people (including those who dislike you) like you for good.

1. Be nice and polite

Be polite, genuinely polite, to everyone, including your enemies. When you are nice and polite to others, they see it, appreciate it and start respecting you. If someone doesn’t see it, then o it be. Smile and say hi or hello to everyone you meet throughout the day. Try to be nice at all times no matter your mood. People will know you as a positive and smiley person who are always in a good mood.

2. Give sincere compliments

The key word here is ‘sincere.’ If your compliments are not sincere, it’s best to avoid giving any. We love to receive sincere compliments and we like those who compliment us. Your simple compliment can make someone’s day and help cope with the hard times. Pay more attention to people around you and they will pay more attention to you.

3. Don’t moan about your problems

Everyone has problems and faces the hard times every now and then. If you have a habit of moaning about your problems all day long, break this habit right now. This bad habit prevents you from having a lot of friends, feeling happy and being successful. Show people how to cope with the tough times in a positive way and they will adore you.

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4. Admit your mistakes

Personally I don’t like people who can’t admit their mistakes and who believe they never make mistakes. I’m sure I’m not alone. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but unfortunately most of us can’t admit it. Learn how to admit your mistakes and don’t be afraid to laugh at them. People will notice it and respect and love you for good and all.

5. Remember their birthdays

When you are trying to make people like you, it’s important to know their birthdays. A birthday is one of the most special days in a person’s life. I’m sure you love it when people don’t forget about your birthday. Make notes of all people’s birthdays you know and be sure to wish them a happy birthday and give a small gift, if you can afford it. It’s a good way to show people that you really care about them and make them love you.

6. Don’t laugh at others

No matter what others do, never laugh at them. Help, support and give a wise piece of advice, but don’t accuse and don’t laugh. It’s so easy to notice someone else’s mistakes and problems, but it’s so hard to notice your own ones. If your coworker failed to accomplish a project, try to help them instead of laughing at them and be happy that you are better than they are.

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7. Don’t gossip

Gossip is one of the biggest relationship killers these days. If you enjoy gossipping about people behind their backs, don’t expect them to love you. Actually, no one will like you and your friends and coworkers will never share any secrets and problems with you because they will know that they can’t trust you. One of the most effective ways to make people like you is to stop gossiping once and for all.

While it’s impossible to make everyone to love you, these ways can help you become a better person, improve your relationships and make new friends. Remember, you don’t have to be Miss Congeniality to make others respect you. Be yourself, get rid of your bad habits, and your life will become more interesting, I promise. What are your bad habits, by the way? Do you think people respect you?