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10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Daughter

Catalina 6 months ago - in Family

When you have a daughter (or two and more daughters), it’s important that you pay attention to the things you say to her. We often say many harmful words that have a negative influence on children’s development, self-esteem and overall well-being. Girls tend to take things too seriously, which is why you and your husband should never say these ten things to your daughter, no matter the situation.

1. You can’t take wise decisions

Never compare your daughter to yourself. You are much older than her and you are definitely wiser than her. If your daughter took the wrong decision, support her and say that we all make mistakes. No one is perfect. Moreover, she is a child, even if she is 16. Realize it and don’t be one of those high-pressure parents who prevent their children from being successful and happy.

2. You are so fat/skinny

If your daughter has problems with her weight, don’t remind her about this problem every 5 minutes. When you tell your child something like, “You are so fat that I can’t go for a walk with you,” “That girl looks so beautiful, look at her perfect body,” “You are so skinny, it seems you don’t eat anything at all, such a shame.” Help your daughter to cope with her problem, but do it wisely. Chances are, other people say hurtful things to her. Don’t make the situation worse.

3. You will never do it

One of the worst things that you can say to your daughter is that she will never do something. If your daughter wants to become a teacher or lawyer, but have poor grades at school, don’t tell her that she is not smart enough to be a lawyer. Help her to improve her grades and find some interesting books or videos that will help your daughter find out more information about the profession she wants to master. If you have a little daughter, you should also avoid saying sentences that have “you can’t”, “you will never,” and “you are not so smart.” You don’t want your child to be a shy girl who is afraid to reach her goals and try new things in life.

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4. You should always wear makeup

Every day my neighbor teaches her 11-year-old daughter to put on makeup. I’m tired to listen to their fights daily. When I asked my neighbor why she doesn’t leave her daughter alone, she answered that every girl should wear makeup. Ladies, if your daughter doesn’t use beauty products, be thankful for it. It’s one of the smartest choices a girl can make in her life!

5. Don’t eat that

If your daughter is overweight, you may tell her that she shouldn’t eat one food or another. This may lead to starvation and anorexia, because she will perceive food as something bad and stop eating at all. Help your child develop healthy eating habits. The earlier you start, the better.

6. Stay home and watch TV

Nowadays parents worry about their children, especially daughters. They are calm when their children stay home and watch TV or play computer games. It’s one of the worst habits that can slowly kill your child’s health. Your daughter should enjoy fresh air daily. Let her play outdoors or go for a walk together.

7. You look like a guy

If your daughter is not a huge fan of lovely dresses and long hair, it’s not the end of the world. Today she loves jeans and shirts, tomorrow she will like skirts and gowns. She is trying to find her style and you, as a parent, should help her with it. But don’t say to your daughter that she looks like a guy and no man will never fall in love with her. Just because you love maxi dresses doesn’t mean your daughter should love it too. She has her own tastes, so appreciate them.

8. Keep your tongue between your teeth

I have a friend who is already married and have kids, but she still can’t speak her mind. Her husband often insults her and she says nothing. I always tell her that it’s not correct, but she always says that her mom taught her to keep her tongue between her teeth. She has a daughter, and the worst thing that she can do to her child is to teach her to keep silent. This is a huge mistake! I believe every person in the world has a full right to speak up.

9. Girls don’t do it

If your daughter loves football or any other activity that guys do, don’t tell her that that activity is for girls only. We live in a modern world where we can do whatever we want, no matter the gender, nationality and ethnicity. No matter what she does or did, don’t shout at her. Just have a little mother-daughter talk if needed.

10. Your friend is much better than you

If you want your daughter to be confident, successful and happy, you should never compare her to others. I often hear parents say to their children something like, “Your friend is better than you,” “Your classmate gets much better grades than you,” or “You will never become as positive and smart as Jessica.” That’s one of the worst things parents can say to their children.

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If you have a son, you can find some pearls of wisdom in my article as well. As a parent, you should support your child and help them be better than you. Just because your mother taught you to do something you didn’t want to do, doesn’t mean you should teach your daughter or son the same things. Be smarter and wiser and your children will love you forever! Are you guilty of telling some of these things to your daughter?